Filecoin Provides Details on Huge ICO on CoinList

Filecoin, by Protocol Labs, closed their Initial Coin Offering on September 7th but it appears it has taken some time to regroup and count all of the digital coin that flooded into the first ICO to bless the pages of CoinList.

The Filecoin team explained:

“This sale was a wild ride for us, and likely for you too. We pulled things off mostly smoothly, but there were some issues and lots of lessons learned. We may write some reflections on these in the future, to share insights with the broader community, especially those considering running a token sale.”

So there were a few bumps along the way but that is not much of a surprise. What is interesting are a few details that Filecoin shared about their tokenized offering.

  • Their total amount raised came in at $205.8 million (Reg D)
  • $52 million from presale and the balance following
  • An astounding $135 million was raised in the first hour. That’s right 60 minutes.
  • Due to the fluctuating price of BTC and ETH the total raise topped $253 million on September 2nd.
  • On September 7th that amount had dipped to $233 million. Still, that’s a lot.
  • Over 2100 investors participated from 50+ countries
  • This also included responding to 6342 customer support questions
  • This was the first SAFT or Simple Agreement for Future Tokens, a security that CoinList expects to leverage going forward

Management called the Filecoin ICO a  “tremendous milestone” as they strive to create a mammoth decentralized, distributed storage network. Now they will be working on building their vision of the future.

Filecoin and CoinList both acheived something pretty awesome. Filecoin raised an incredible sum of money via their token crowdsale. CoinList now has the experience to pursue other quality securities ICO’s.