Moven builds AI into latest app upgrade

By Moven,

Today, the team at Moven is releasing the latest update to their financial wellness platform. The release will be available in the Google Play and App store in the United States, as the team gears up to roll out the innovations for their global bank partners.

The new features include a revolutionary ChatUI, personalized stash prompts and transaction splitting. The ChatUI is a hallmark release for the team as it will drive new context-based conversations with customers. The personalized stash prompts are the first generation of these conversations, designed to encourage customers to manage their cash flow more effectively and efficiently.

With artificial intelligence built into this release, the ChatUI will learn and adapt to customers’ habits in real time. Moven’s AI answers the question, ‘when and how much should I save?’ making saving effortless and optimized for each customer. In addition, the transaction splitting functionality will allow for more accurate tracking of customer spending patterns.

Founder & CEO, Brett King, comments “Moven’s direct to consumer offering and our work with bank partners around the world presents us with a very unique product roadmap. The enhancements we’re releasing today are part of our continued effort to replace flawed budgeting processes with behavioral savings geared towards our customers lives.”

This is just the latest from the team that released top rated TD MySpend and Westpac CashNav in 2016. With the new features expected to continue to drive incredible results for Moven’s global bank partners, the company is excited to announce even more exciting news later this Fall.