IZettle rolls out invoice service in the UK

By IZettle

iZettle empowers small businesses to grow, helping them accept card and cash payments and manage their business operations, in addition to providing services such as small business funding.

Starting today, small businesses across the U.K. can also issue invoices through the iZettle app to help manage their cash flow.

JP, founder of Crosstown Doughnuts in London has been using iZettle Invoice for three months: “Invoicing is second nature now – before, our staff had to involve the accounts team in everything. Billing in the iZettle app from start to finish saves time for us, and our customers too. All the info is trackable, so it’s easy to reconcile and see what’s outstanding.”

iZettle Invoice is available free of charge to all current iZettle customers using the app. New customers can download the app on iOS from Apps Store and on Android from Google Play to become iZettle users and start using the services.

• Invoice in seconds. In just a few clicks, small businesses can create and send professional looking invoices from anywhere within the iZettle app.
• Get paid, just like that. Online invoices help small businesses to keep their cash flowing. What’s more iZettle tracks it all, monitoring which bills have been paid, which are outstanding and which need automatic reminders sent.
• Transparent pricing. Small businesses can send an unlimited number of invoices for a fee of only 2.5% per invoice – and their customers are never charged a fee.
• Everything in one place. Cash, card or invoice. With iZettle, small businesses don’t have to jump between services to handle sales. They’re all in one place, with free analytics and reporting tools to help grow the business.
• Bill in advance. Send your invoices to customers and get paid upfront for the larger jobs you do to help manage cash flow.

Jacob de Geer, CEO of iZettle adds, “UK small business owners often have to deal with far too much administration, in lots of different places. We want to take the load off and are continuously expanding our product suite to help small businesses get paid, sell smarter and grow their business.”

In addition to its card payments services and newly launched product, iZettle Invoice, iZettle offers a number of financial and commercial services for small businesses. Funding through iZettle Advance, reporting to authorities via iZettle Cash Register, iZettle Point of Sale Business Solutions, and Customer Loyalty Programs through iZettle Customers, as well as integration with leading systems that automate customer accounting.