Banks are the enablers for mass market e-invocing

By Bo Harald – ZEF, Transmeri, Real Time Economy Program

Finland as an example (2016 figs):

– all SMEs use e-/mobile banking and e-invoicing is a standard feature as out of some 250k enterprises 217k have signed up for sending and 234 for receiving structured e-invoices (PDF has never been classified as e-invoice)

– consumers have 6,23 million e-/mobile banking contracts (population 5,5 m so some are paying for the service in two banks). Active contract estimate (under- and overage eliminated) some 4,5 million. Of these 3,91 million receive e-invoices.

– banks are central for the SME-market while non-bank service providers have signed up the large senders and receivers. Total volumes estimated (m – out of some 500m b2all) and including Edifact:

sent                    received

2014                190                       130

2015                220                       160

2016                300                       190

Operators still print some for receivers. State sector is very close to 100 pct on the receiving side for the domestic part.