Revolut Partners Up With Trussle For Mortgage Broking Service Access

Buying a home can be a long and arduous process whether as first-time home buyers or multi-unit owners. The paperwork alone can be tedious and, at some times, repetitive.

One company that’s looking to help alleviate any home-buying headaches is banking alternative company Revolut. This week, it announced its partnership with online mortgage broker Trussle. Through this partnering, Revolut customers will have access to Trussle’s mortgage broking service that has 90+ lenders available — all through the company’s app home screen.

With this offering, Revolut users will be able to eliminate both the phone conversations and paperwork traditionally associated with the mortgage application process.

This partnership adds to the streamlined offering of Resolut’s alternative banking method. Within 60 seconds of signing up for the app, users have access to 23 currencies at any bank globally and 120 currencies fee-free via its contactless Mastercard.

By using the Trussle aspect of Resolut’s new home screen, the company claims users will have the ability to find out what mortgage plan works best and obtain a Mortgage in Principle in less than five minutes.

“This partnership is yet another example of Revolut offering a real alternative to traditional banks, and we’re delighted to partner with Trussle to provide our users across the U.K. with a pain-free way to find, secure and manage their mortgage,” said Revolut’s CEO and Founder, Nikolay Storonsky.