Rabobank invites employees to pitch ideas for new brand strategy

By Rabobank

Envision… having the opportunity to reintroduce Rabobank to the Netherlands and to the world.

Now is your chance. This is how Rabobank is inviting coalitions to conceive a creative concept for its positioning. Rabobank is looking for communications disruptors that are original, unconventional and distinctive and that want to set a new bar in the market.

Leendert Bikker, Director of Communications at Rabobank: ‘We have translated the story of Rabobank and the bank’s strategy into a clear positioning. We’re presenting new and challenging initiatives to further strengthen our customers. This calls for a creative interpretation that appeals to customers and colleagues. We want to do this in an innovative way. That’s why we’re also introducing a different working method. Concept development and creative activation amount to more than only advertising. We’re looking for creative coalitions that show distinctive creative strength.’

Dorkas Koenen, Director of Marketing at Rabobank, adds: ‘The creative concept we’re envisioning must fit our own people to a tee. It has to surprise and enthuse our customers. And our stakeholders must feel invited to get in touch with us. A new creative concept will serve as the basis for our future communications and brand strategy – internally, externally, nationally and internationally. We will reintroduce ourselves to the public and our stakeholders this autumn.’

Rabobank is tapping into the strengths and networks of its own employees for the pitch in order to capture the attention of a broad group. Social media, employees’ direct contacts and free publicity will be used to call on creative coalitions to come up with creative ideas and submit them via the www.rabo-steljeeensvoor.nl or www.rabo-envision.com website by 17 April 2017. Rabobank will make an initial selection from these submissions and then invite five coalitions to take part in the pitch. These coalitions will receive a thorough briefing. The jury will be comprised of a mix of internal and external experts. Some of them will be from the field of communications and others will have a different professional background. This diversity will enable us to assess the ideas on a broad society-wide basis and to refresh our own decision-making.