World Government Not Ready For Blockchain: Deloitte Report

By William Suberg for The CoinTelegraph

The latest report by accounts giant Deloitte suggests world governments are underprepared for disruptive technologies including Blockchain.

In “Tech Trends 2017: The kinetic enterprise A government perspective,” the firm gives an overview of seven emerging technologies, rating their relevance to government and government’s’ “readiness” to embrace them.

Out of all technologies, governmental organizations are least ready to accept Blockchain, Deloitte finds, scoring them just one out of five.

Relevance and Readiness Scale

“Keep up. Even if you are not using Blockchain, the parties you monitor and work with may soon be,” the report addresses its target audience.

Delaware is cited as an example of a state jurisdiction looking to communicate with Blockchain technology and incorporate it directly.

“The State of Delaware is exploring Blockchain to ease the registration of new companies. The state may soon move that process, as well as the tracking of share movements and the management of shareholder communications, into a shared public digital environment,” Deloitte states.

The firm’s position on Blockchain is no surprise given its several years of heavy involvement researching and collaborating on potential use cases.

Just this week, it said that Blockchain principles could “benefit” from having globally accepted auditing standards incorporated in them.

First appeared at The CoinTelegraph