30 Companies Providing Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Solutions

By Elena Mesropyan for LTP

The LTP Team has been following the blockchain-focused ecosystem for quite a while now and have seen very interesting a promising players providing solutions for authentication, blockchain-as-a-service, open-source blockchain, application development, mobile wallets, compliance, trading and investment, etc. This time, let’s look at some of the most promising blockchain companies providing enterprise-grade solutions:

AlphaPoint Distributed Ledger Platform is a private, permissioned protocol that leverages the inherent benefits of the blockchain – immutability, strong cryptography, instantaneous clearing – but makes significant improvements. Unlike traditional blockchains, ADLP allows firms complete control over their data and acts as a general-purpose platform for deploying financial applications.

Applied Blockchain is a blockchain applications development company, focusing on DLT and smart contracts. Based in the Level39 Fintech Accelerator in Canary Wharf, London, Applied Blockchain has developed a blockchain agnostic application and privacy framework that sits on top of any underlying blockchain platform to improve development efficiency, add workflow functionality and future-proof solutions to work with the best available technology.

Avalanchain offers a Data-as-a-Stream blockchain platform. Enterprises can create as many Chains as they like with each Stream being a separate Chain of digitally signed events.

BigchainDB allows developers and enterprise to deploy blockchain proof-of-concepts, platforms and applications with a scalable blockchain database, supporting a wide range of industries and use cases.

Blockchain Foundry offers scalable, secure and robust enterprise blockchain platform for prototyping and production deployment.

BlockCypher is the infrastructure fabric for blockchain applications. Its’ modular, cloud-optimized architecture is enterprise-grade for scalability, performance and reliability.

Bloq delivers enterprise-grade blockchain technology to leading companies worldwide. The company delivers enterprise-grade layers of key software infrastructure to power blockchain applications.

Chain Core is enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure that enables organizations to build better financial services from the ground up.

Chain Reactor is an enterprise blockchain company providing a high performance, permissioned blockchain enablement platform. Complex data management and node support for SQL and NoSQL databases allows Chainreactor to be used in conjunction with existing systems.

ChainThat is a technology-focused start-up that specializes in the delivery of blockchain-based enterprise distributed applications and products across different industry verticals. The company’s mission is to provide services and solutions that leverage new decentralized technologies to enable a step-change in peer-to-peer processing; to realize the benefits of centralized processing but with game-changing improvements to costs, speed and data quality.

ChromaWay offers blockchain as a platform for financial institutions and is working on a smart contract platform that allows for digitizing and representing workflows in a secure, private and efficient way. The platform has been built for colored coins and is currently being used for many real-world transactions on the bitcoin network.

Ciphrex is a cryptocurrency platform specialized in blockchain technology, digital currency protocols and decentralized consensus networks. The company has developed products that include mSIGNA, a multisignature bitcoin wallet, and CoinSocket, an enterprise-grade development platform.

Colu is a blockchain technology platform for enterprises and developers providing a powerful toolbox for building blockchain-based applications. Through Colu’s application municipal authorities, governmental entities and other organizations can engage directly with independent local businesses to drive local entrepreneurship and growth. Strengthening the relationship with residents and businesses helps preserves the local culture & uniqueness of the city and creates incentives for locals to stick around.

Credits is a blockchain platform provider offering a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) with tools for building secure and scalable blockchains to power enterprise applications.

Epiphyte provides a blockchain-powered SaaS service that delivers instant settlement and DVP (delivery versus payment) for financial trades. The company develops enterprise software allowing banks and other financial institutions to securely integrate with the Bitcoin and crypto-finance industry. Epiphyte provides a range of turnkey SaaS products in addition to consulting and regulatory services.

Guardtime builds products leveraging KSI to solve hard problems. Examples include anti-tamper hardware designed to resist nation-state reverse engineering, a replacement for RSA digital signatures that is resistant to quantum computational attack, cryptographic provenance for software supply chains and deterministic data loss prevention.

Interbit is an enterprise grade blockchain platform that enables applications to be built, managed, and run on a blockchain. Interbit is extraordinarily lightweight, allows fine-grained access control to keep data private and restricted to particular nodes, and enables scalability through indefinitely extendable blockchain networks. Interbit empowers organizations across industries to introduce blockchain technology to their businesses. By building core business functions on Interbit, organizations minimize workflows, integration issues, en route to future-readying their businesses.

Libra Enterprise is the connective tissue enabling business professionals to utilize blockchain tech. Libra’s platform consists of three solution layers: integration, interaction, and interface, which solve the problems of system compatibility, information consumption, and user comfort. Together these complementary solutions enable an end-to-end system. Depending on client use case, each solution can operate independently.

Monax is the company behind eris, the first application platform built from the ground up to provide a logical base for developers and devOps to build, test, and run ecosystem applications. It is designed to support multiple blockchain nodes connected to multiple blockchain networks with different smart contract interpreters all seamlessly connected to other microservices necessary to build, test, and run the ecosystem application such as key management systems and distributed data lakes.Monax sells legally compliant smart contract-based SDKs to accelerate businesses’ time to market with sophisticated ecosystem applications.

Nuco offers enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure – a modular architecture built and designed with security, performance, and scalability as priority features. Nuco enables users to deploy a network with the ideal components for any specific use case and industry requirement.

Openchain is an open-source distributed ledger technology. It is suited for organizations wishing to issue and manage digital assets in a robust, secure and scalable way.

OTCXN offers enterprise-class, high-performance Blockchain fabric to support a wide variety of use cases for global firms building custom applications. OTC Exchange Network’s (OTCXN) total end-to-end solution includes a suite of real-time services, such as collateral management, pre-trade credit checks, liquidation risk management, counterparty risk and liquidity management, instantaneous clearing and settlement, and post-trade messaging including netting based on inbound messages for trades done away from the network.

PeerNova has developed a technology platform that provides immutability and data integrity for use in financial services applications, such as compliance and audit. Inspired by blockchain, its patent-pending technology enables the use of immutable ledgers and databases in real-time. Traditional applications of blockchains involve decentralized ledgers, distributed consensus protocols, and anonymous users. PeerNova’s solution is built for commercial usage by enabling the same type of data integrity and immutability for financial ledgers without needing to decentralize the ledger or allowing anonymous users to participate.

SolidX provides blockchain-based software solutions relating to the indelible recording of records, transfer of assets, and identity. In 2016, SolidX announced the launch of Vida, the world’s first full-stack identity solution using blockchain technology. Vida provides enterprises with robust identity management capabilities without the need to hold personal identifying information. Vida is the first service of its kind to provide one identity across numerous applications, streamlining permissioned access to data and services without shared-secret based access mechanisms (e.g., usernames and passwords, government ID numbers, etc.).

Symbiont is a smart contracts platform for institutional applications of distributed ledger technology. The company has developed a platform that allows financial market participants to create programmable versions of traditional securities that take the form of Smart Securities™: self-executing digital contracts that are stored in a distributed ledger. The platform allows users to issue, manage, locate, and trade Smart Securities™ efficiently in a single, global, peer-to-peer financial network.

TradeBlock is a provider of institutional trading tools for digital currencies.

Tymlez delivers blockchain-based enterprise solutions. The company’s smart enterprise blockchain platform enables business owners to easily adopt disruptive technologies in their existing environment or use the software to become a disruptor themselves. Tymlez does it in a variety of fields, such as but not limited to: (Micro) payments; Loyalty systems; Peer2Peer-transactions; IoT and blockchain; Digital Asset Management; Digital Rights Management.

XNotes Alliance is a technology company and member organization that provides business-driven, currency agnostic and energy-efficient enterprise class blockchain-based solutions. The company empowers organizations to run more efficiently and more securely while reducing costs.

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