How To Avoid Spending Money At The Airport

Airports are literally expensive everywhere it does not matter if you are buying food, carrying your luggage, paying for transport, entertainment, or even exchanging currency. The total cost can burn you badly even before you start touring your destination.

Even though, you can be acquainted with the foreign currency exchange Ottawa, Berlin, Johannesburg, Mumbai, or any other location you are visiting. In a bid to make an exchange at the appropriate place, you are likely to find yourself spending at the airport even with your foreign money.

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So how can you avoid spending money at the airport? Here are some tips for you.

  • Always bring an empty water bottle to refill  

It is always affordable to carry an empty water bottle and refill it at the airport water fountain, anytime you feel thirsty. It can be expensive to buy water at the airport, only to end up dumping it at security when it is half-full.

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The best thing is to always, carry a BPA-free or stainless steel water bottle for your water refills. You can also empty your plastic water bottle before security checks and carry it to the other side for a refill. As a result, you will avoid spending any cash at the airport, to quench your thirst.

Also, take note that if you are taking connecting flights, you will be required to empty your water bottle before boarding, even before you leave the airport.

  • Bring your own food do not buy it at the airport

Buying food at the airport or on flight is a good way to up your spending bill. It is usually costly when compared to packing your own food.

It is always a good idea to pack some dried fruits, cereal bars, diced vegetables and crackers you can nibble at the airport and during your flight. Avoid carrying food that tend to stink or nuts, as they are allergy-prone.

However, you will need to check with your airline policy as well as that of your destination. This way you get to know which food you can bring along and what you cannot carry onboard.

In addition, avoid carrying sharp or metal cutlery with your food, as they will not pass through security. Instead, opt for the plastic reusable ones.

If you are not sure about carrying food for your abroad flight, you can order some bar snacks instead of a full meal at the airport. It is much cheaper this way.

  • Make use of airport free Wi-Fi

You can also make use of the Wi-Fi network at the airports, before catching your flight. This can seem convenient, especially if you need to send some last-minute e-mails, make holiday bookings before you reach your destination or just browse to pass time.

However, you will need to read on their terms of free connection on their website, before making a plan to use it. This is because some may require you to fill in some personal information, while others allow free browsing for a certain set of time and for some it is just unlimited free Wi-Fi. So get to know more about this free connection, as it can inhibit you from spending unnecessary money at the airport.

  • Bring your own entertainment

Always make sure you pack some forms of entertainment while travelling, as it can prevent you from making impulse purchases at the airport. Therefore, make sure you carry your iPad, iPod, smartphone, and even your laptop or your best choice of entertainment, to keep busy. This way you can browse the internet, read a book or watch a movie as you wait to board your flight.

Besides, carrying your own entertainment can also keep you busy during your flight, especially if you are travelling with a budget airline with zero onboard entertainment.

  • Avoid duty-free

Unless, there is something specific you want to buy at the airport shops, always avoid duty free shops altogether. As you will end up spending on things, you do not even need. Besides, you are likely to find those same items selling much cheaper online.

Therefore, avoid going to these shops, if you do not want to spend unnecessary money at the airport. Keep busy with the entertainments you brought along for the trip.


In conclusion, airports should be the last place you make a purchase or do a currency exchange. This is because you will end up spending a lot of money, even though you did not plan for it.