French interbank rails tap Gemalto to power mobile payment migration

By Kate Fitzgerald for Payments Source

France’s national interbank network will add Gemalto’s mobile payment service in an effort to provide a smooth transition to contactless technology.

Gemalto will develop specifications enabling Groupement des Cartes Bancaires (CB) members to use Pure, Gemalto’s white-label mobile payment service that’s already used by 27 national payment schemes and large retailers around the world, the Netherlands-based technology company said in a Dec. 9 press release.

The solution will support in-app and Near Field Communication-based payments, and it will also be compatible with services provided by pan-European payments processor Stet, which is used by a broad network of merchants already supporting CB contactless payments.

“Using Gemalto’s Pure mobile application with enable swift integration of the CB brand in CB banks’ mobile wallets,” said Gilbert Arira, CEO of Groupement des Cartes Bancaires, in the release.

The integration will increase convenience and simplicity for French consumers using mobile devices to make everyday purchases,’ added Philippe Cambriel, Gemalto’s president for Europe and Mediterranean regions.

First appeared at Business Insider