Deloitte to Open Tech Hub in Tel Aviv

By FinSMEs

Innovation Tech Terminal (ITT) aims to connect US and global organizations to Israeli startups to discover innovative ideas, technologies, and capabilities outside their offices.

Through immersion tours and scouting services, ITT will allow U.S. and global clients to access and leverage the Israeli innovation ecosystem, known for being a leading global hub for innovation, with approximately 6,000 startups focused on cyber, mobile, and blockchain technologies in the financial services industry, automotive and mobility solutions, digital health, the Internet of things, and sports technologies.
Additionally, he country hosts more than 300 research and development centers for global high-tech companies.

Deloitte will maintain a dedicated core team of ITT professionals from Israel and the U.S. to work together in Tel Aviv to establish relationships with key ecosystem players, conduct research, build content and deliver solutions to clients.

First appeared at FinSMEs