FlashFunders relaunches with crowdfunding support with the pass of Title III of the JOBS Act

By Jordan Crook for Tech crunch

In the wake of the passing of Title III of the JOBS Act, crowdfunding equity platform FlashFunders has relaunched its site with new features.

The new features allow users to crowdfund investment under Form C, which allows for up to $1 million in a single Series from anyone, not just accredited investors.

FlashFunders launched on the scene a little under one year ago, offering a web-only way to raise money from investors, automating the entire process that a securities lawyer would traditionally handle.

As of Monday, with the launch of Title III, FlashFunders is opening up the crowdfunding portion of its website.

Founder and CEO Vincent Bradley says that the true differentiating factor is FlashFunder’s flexibility.

“We’re the only platform that lets users be agnostic with their fundraise,” said Bradley. “They can raise a traditional Form D with a preferred term sheet from accredited investors, and open up the round to the crowd at the same time. It’s a different security and a different term sheet, and might look like the company is raising capital from one offering, but it’s really multiple offerings at the same time.”

The company is also registered with the SEC as a transfer agent, meaning that FlashFunders users don’t have to pay extra for any third-party involvement.

Bradley also noted that dozens of equity crowdfunding platforms have opened up since Monday, and predicts that there will be more than 100 in the next month. But a year’s worth of experience in the Form D space should help FlashFunders position themselves against competition.

FlashFunders takes 5 percent of all crowdfunding under Title III, and offering the Form D product for free.

You can learn more about FlashFunders right here.

First appeared at Tech crunch