Fastest Crowdfunding Ever: £1 million in 96 Seconds

By Tom Blomfield, Mondo

Yesterday at 1pm we relaunched our crowdfunding round after overwhelming demand crashed Crowdcube’s servers on Monday.

I’m very happy to announce we have raised £1m in 96 seconds, making this the fastest crowdfunding raise in history at more than £10,000/second. More than 1800 individuals will join Passion Capital as investors in our current investment round of £6m. Over the coming days, we will be working with Crowdcube to contact everyone who registered and finalise their investments, as well as contacting those who missed out.

Stats about our round

While we tried to make the process as fair as possible, I’d like to apologise for the frustrations over the last few days, and in particular to anyone who missed the chance to invest. We’d love to include a crowdfunding component in our next round of funding later this year, so you should hopefully have a chance to invest in future.

Thank you again to everyone who has invested. It feels like we’ve got an incredible opportunity ahead of us to build the kind of bank that we’d be proud to call our own. We’re delighted to have you join us on that journey.

This graph shows the investments as they happened over the 96 seconds.