Forbes China “Fintech 50” List Highlights Winners In Fast-Growing Field

Forbes: Looking to learn more about early winners in the exploding business of online finance in China?

Forbes China , the licensed China-language edition of Forbes, has set out to help with its inaugural “Fintech 50” list.  The new list takes into account user traffic, venture capital fundraising and hiring, among other factors.   The companies are presented in alphabetical order, rather than a pure ranking.

“China has the world’s largest numbers of mobile and Internet users, and many are embracing online finance,” said Bridge Kang, acting editor of Forbes China and co-compiler of the list. Entrepreneurs are scrambling into areas such as P2P lending. Already, China currently has 2,000 entrants into that niche, Kang said. Established Internet giants such as Tencent and are pushing to build up large online finance platforms, too, he said.

Members of the first-ever list include Zhejiang Ant Small and Micro, an affiliate of Alibaba Group, and JD Finance.  Here’s the full compilation below.

  1. 91 Financial Information Service (Beijing) , Online Banking
  2., Third-Party Payment
  3. Beijing Baifubao Technology, Online Banking
  4. Beijing City E-loan Cyber Technology, P2P
  5. Beijing Gesafe Wealth Advisory, Online Banking
  6. Beijing Happy Time Technology, Online Lending
  7. Beijing Rong360 Information Technology, Online Banking
  8. China Comcredit Capital Management, Zhongfuminxin(Shanghai) Financial Consulting, P2P
  9. ChinaPnR, Third-party Payment
  10. CreditEase, Online Banking
  11. East Money Information, Online Fund
  12. GTRiches, P2P
  13. Guang Zhou Wanhui Investment Management, P2B
  14. Hangzhou En Niu Network Technology, Online Banking
  15. Hangzhou LongYing Internet Financial Information Technology, P2P
  16. Hangzhou Ruituo Technology, P2P
  17. Hangzhou Shumi Fund Sales, Online Fund
  18. Hangzhou Tongdun Technology, Online Finance Technology
  19. Hangzhou Tongbanjie Network Technology, Online Banking
  20., Online Banking
  21. Hithink RoyalFlush Information Network, Online Fund
  22. JD Finance, Crowd-funding
  23. Jinyindao Network Technology, P2B
  24. Jinyirong Network Technology, P2L
  25. Jusfoun Big Data, Big Data Finance
  26. Le Rong Duo Yuan(Beijing)Technology, P2B
  27. Lianlian Yintong Electronic Payment, Third-party Payment
  28. Net Credit Group, Crowd-funding
  29. Renrendai Business Consulting (Beijing), P2P
  30. Shanghai Howbuy Investment Management, Online Fund
  31. Shanghai Jiayin Financial Service, P2P
  32. Shanghai LianTai Asset Management, Online Fund
  33. Shanghai Lujiazui International Financial Asset Exchange, Online Banking
  34. Shanghai MaiZi Asset Management, Shanghai Nonobank Financial Service, P2P
  35. Shanghai NETFIT, Online Securities
  36. Shanghai Zhong Niu Internet Financial Information Service, Crowd funding
  37. Shanghai Fortune Cat Financial Service, Online Finance
  38. Shanghai Ppdai Financial Information Services, P2P
  39. Shenzhen Jin Fu Zi Capital management, Online Banking
  40. Sinolending, P2P
  41. Snowball(Beijing)Technology Development, Online Securities
  42. Suishou Technology, Online Banking
  43. Suning Commerce Group, Online Finance
  44. Tenpay Payment Technology, Third-Party Payment
  45. Webank, Online Banking
  46. WquantNetwork Technology(Beijing), Online Finance Technology
  47. Xinhehui, P2B
  48. YeePay Payment, Third-Party Payment
  49. Zhejiang Ant Small and Micro Financial Services, Online Financial Services
  50. ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance, Online Insurance