PayPal’s One Touch Instant Web Checkout Service & Stripe’s New iPhone App

TECHCRUNCH: As PayPal moves closer to its spinoff from parent eBay, the company continues to expand the services it will have to generate revenue as a standalone business. In the latest development, today PayPal is expanding One Touch on the web — a widget that lets people use PayPal to pay for goods on third-party websites without needing to re-enter passwords or their user IDs — outside of the U.S. The first markets for its international rollout will be the Canada and the UK.

The news comes just one month after PayPal first brought One Touch to the web in the U.S. That followed an initial mobile launch of the product last year. As with the initial rollout in the U.S., merchants in markets where One Touch has been turned on, who have integrated PayPal payments already into their check-outs online will be automatically upgraded, and shoppers will have the option of opting out of using the service if they prefer not to. Read the full article

TECHCRUNCHStripe, a service that companies can use to accept payments, has a new way for businesses to track purchases and user activity — an iPhone app. The new iPhone app does basically everything its existing online dashboard does, but brings it to an interface more suited for a mobile device. Businesses can also set up notifications for whenever a payment or purchase is made or set up a daily summary. Stripe’s iPhone application also has a search function.

But a mobile application is naturally good to have around. For a business owner stuck in traffic in a taxi, Uber or Lyft (don’t look at your phone while driving, please), or riding some kind of public transportation, it’s a good way to get a quick update to what’s happening. Read the full article