Danish Shops To Be Given Right To Refuse Cash

FINEXTRA: Denmark’s government is planning to help usher in the long-awaited cashless society by giving restaurants, gas stations and some shops the option to refuse notes and coins. Read more

FINEXTRA: SIX, UBS and Zürcher Kantonalbank are to launch a new P2P payment app that enables users to request and make payment transfers by smartphone across Switzerland. The only thing needed to use the app is a Swiss mobile phone number and, a bank account and/or a credit or prepaid card. Read more

FINEXTRA: MasterCard targets startup vibe with relaxed dress code. With Silicon Valley threatening to eat its lunch, MasterCard is hoping to bring a little startup cool to its headquarters. It’s not just the clothing that is getting more relaxed, the company has also built a games room packed with Xboxs, basketball hoops and ping pong tables. Read more

FINEXTRA: In 2015 Barclays launches a new generation of its contactless wristbands. The previous generation bands released last year enable users to make low-value payments through the tap of a wrist at over 300,000 spots in the UK, including in shops, bars and on London’s public transport system. Up to 10,000 customers are understood to have signed up for the technology. Read more