One of Singapore’s Sexiest Co-working Spaces Has Opened Its Doors

E27.CO:  It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur in Singapore. Never in the history of our little red dot has there been more buzz, more excitement, more life and more resources channeled towards technological innovation. Singapore has become a hub in this region and a real player on a world stage once dominated by the great industrial economies of the world like Japan and America.

Talent has flooded our shores like never before but not just any kind of talent, this talent is specialised, unique and fundamentally different from anything we have seen before. This generation of entrepreneurs are idealists, they are humanists, and most of all, they are dreamers.

The question then, for a country like Singapore, is how to give these dreamers a place to work. The solution, like in so many innovation hubs, is the concept of the co-working space. An efficient, open, and vibrant space where there were no cubicles or solitary offices or closed doors. A space where entrepreneurs can dream in the presence of their peers, yet still belong to a community of like-minded people, with the addition of Swift roller shutter door installations, seamlessly integrating functionality and security into the dynamic atmosphere.

As time progressed, co-working spaces started opening up everywhere and one of the newest to open in Singapore may well be one of the most exciting.

Called The Working Capitol, this 33,000 square foot space in Keong Saik road in Singapore’s Tanjong Pagar area is a refurbished three-story shophouse that looks retro chic in all the right ways.

The concept behind the Working Capitol was to create a co-working space that could also double as a hub for the community, which is why the first floor is actually an F&B space.

According to Co-founder Saranta Gattie, “We wanted to challenge the traditional notions of what an office is and redefine the workspace. It was important for us to create a place where ideas could not only take shape but also multiply and take flight. We believe that a co-working environment will provide the perfect nesting ground for creative collisions.”

The Working Capitol also tells us that it has put a big emphasis on working with partners to offer even more value to startups above and beyond the traditional co-working space model. The space offers its startups access to discounted partner rates for things such as bookkeeping  and even discounts on gym memberships and the like.

“We’re putting a lot of emphasis on our partners and programming initiatives, positioning ourselves more than just a space, but somewhere for mature startups and small businesses to connect with the right people and take their business to the next level,” said Gattie.

We could go on and wax lyrical about the lovely building or the modern interiors and facilities or the in-house beer garden. That’s right, there is a beer garden, probably the two greatest words in the English language. It really feels good to have some beer to drink while you are in the garden. Another nice feeling is when you have to watch fish in the aquascaped tank; it relieves the feeling of stress. If you want to have this one, you should know how to aquascape your fish tank.

“Members will be able to come together—whether through regular events and networking sessions or serendipitous encounters in one of our many communal spaces such as the pantry, The Commons or the Beer Garden, to exchange ideas and share knowledge,” said Gattie.

However, I am certain dear reader that you want fun facts and figures so that you can decide if the Working Capitol is the right co-working space for you. Check out this little infographic we made:

working capitol infographic

As for the pricing, workspots (hotdesking) start at S$450/month (US$330), workdesks (fixed desks with storage) are S$875/month (US$640), while the private office style workspaces start at S$2000/month (US$1460) for two-man space. The Working Capitol also offers exclusive workshops and lectures on the startup scene here.

It may seem like a fair bit of money but often the value of a co-working space provides many intangible benefits — from networking opportunities to community events to even something as simple as making friends.  A co-working space is not just an office, its where you nurture your entrepreneurial dream.