Amazon Is Reportedly Working On a ‘Prime For Apps’ Subscription Service

THE NEXT WEB: While Amazon has worked hard to promote its Android app store, let’s face it: if you’re not on Fire OS, you’ll use the Google Play Store almost all the time. But it looks like Amazon may have a trick up its sleeve to get users onto its marketplace instead. According to a report by TechCrunch, based off apparently leaked documents, an Amazon ‘Unlocked’ subscription will provide a range of apps and related in-app purchases free of additional charge. TechCrunch describes it as Amazon Prime for apps.

Some of the highlighted app partners include Sega America – its Sonic Dash game in particular – and UsTwo, which makes the popular Monument Valley game. Users will be able to filter searches to only include Unlocked apps, much like one can search for only Amazon Prime items through the shopping service.

It’s also similar to what Amazon currently offers with its FreeTime Unlimited subscription, which provides unlimited access to a selection of apps, games and content for children. FreeTime is only available on Amazon’s Fire and Kindle devices, however.

There’s no word yet on when Amazon might roll out the service, but it’s certainly an interesting proposal – the subscription model might just compel more users to try its selection over Google Play’s. Perhaps that will wok better than installing a secret app store in its main app.