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Take It From An Expert: Design Is More Important Than Ever

WIRED: We’ve been saying it for a while and now John Maeda has delivered the data to prove it: Design is more integral to good business than ever before. Maeda himself is further proof of the trend; last year he left his post as president of Rhode Island School of Design to be a design partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. This weekend at SXSW, Maeda presented his inaugural Design in Tech Report, a 39-slide presentation that’s both inspired by Mary Meeker’s widely influential annual Internet Trends reports and a continuation of some of Meeker’s findings. Maeda actually contributed a slide to Meeker’s most recent report titled “R.I.P. Bad User Interfaces.” His presentation is essentially a closer look at why exactly that’s true. (more…)

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March 17, 2015