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Someone got Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch

If you’re willing to wait an hour for it to boot up, you can enjoy the ludicrous pleasures of running Windows 95 on an Apple Watch.


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April 30, 2016


Singapore’s Fintech

E27.CO: Singapore-based real-time financial monitoring app Call Levels is raising a US$500,000 bridge round to spur growth, e27 has learned. The round, which is still open but partially committed, is expected to close in the coming weeks. (more…)

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July 3, 2015


Telegram’s New Platform Lets Developers Create Smart Message Bots With Multiple Uses

TECHCRUNCH:  Telegram is poised to come out with Apple Watch support and, as I hinted, a brand new Bot platform (this will be in Telegram 3.0 for iOS). If you want you can also get a preview here. Pavel Durov of fame, recently explained to me how the Bot API and platform will allow third-party developers to create Bots which are simply Telegram accounts operated by software sporting A.I.-like features. (more…)

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June 24, 2015

Jawbone’s $200 UP4 Fitness Tracker Lets Amex Users Make Payments

THE NEXT WEB: Jawbone has announced that its new UP4 fitness tracker which monitors users’ activity, sleep, heart rate and also allows payments via American Express. The $200 wrist-worn device lets users with an eligible American Express Card connect their accounts with Jawbone’s app and tap the UP4 on a store terminal to pay for their purchases. (more…)

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April 16, 2015