Malta Regulator Seeks Feedback On Proposed Crypto Financial Instrument Test

ChartThe Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has released a consultation paper on the possible introduction of a “Financial Instrument Test” that would legally define virtual tokens, according to an April 13 announcement on their site. (more…)

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April 16, 2018


The Disappearance Of The Fundraising Demo

By Tomasz Tunguz from Redpoint Ventures,

Ten years ago, Guy Kawasaki took this photograph of me. I was attending my first YCombinator Demo Day, maybe three months into my time at Redpoint. Much has changed. I’m am not as young or as green. YCombinator has thrived and scaled. And the startup demo has disappeared. (more…)

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April 16, 2018


BofA launches digital mortgage service

Bank of America has rolled out a digital mortgage service, enabling customers to apply online or via the bank’s mobile app, often getting conditional approval on the same day. (more…)

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April 13, 2018

Wirecard raises FY18 Ebitda guidance as 2017 revenues surge by 44.9%

In the 2017 fiscal year, Wirecard AG was able to push forward the digitalisation of payment processes very successfully across the world and greatly enhance its competitive advantage through the continuous expansion of its digital platform. (more…)

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April 13, 2018


Speculative interest in cryptocurrencies may have peaked – Barclays

The cryptocurrency mania of late 2017 spread like an infectious disease but we may have already reached the immunity threshold, meaning speculative interest in the likes of Bitcoin has possibly already peaked, says a new research report from Barclays. (more…)

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April 13, 2018


Increasing Interest of VCs in ICOs

Despite the growing concerns of regulators over the ICOs, venture capitalists (VCs) have shown increasing interest in these offerings. However, what they are more interested in is the equity stakes rather than the proceeds from coin sales. Moreover, the growth of security tokens is expected as regulators intervene. (more…)

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April 13, 2018

Da Vinci Capital invests in Russia’s Global Fintech Solutions


Global Fintech Solutions (GFS), a fintech platform aimed at transferring leading global technologies into emerging markets, raised a new funding round from several funds under the management of Da Vinci Capital and from its the portfolio group, ITI Funds. Investment group Prytek was a co-investor in the investment round. (more…)

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April 13, 2018

Vaultbank raises $3m

Vaultbank, the cryptocurrency exchange platform for buying, selling, and trading asset-backed tokens, today announced it has raised over $3 million in funding, reaching the soft cap for its VB token sale. (more…)

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April 13, 2018


MarketInvoice joins NatWest Capital Connections panel

NatWest has added invoice finance platform MarketInvoice to its Capital Connections panel, which helps SMEs unable to borrow from banks get access to alternative sources of money. (more…)

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April 12, 2018


16 Blockchain Disruptions (Infographic)

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Blockchain technology is probably one of the most impactful discoveries in the recent history. After all, it has a massive potential to change how we handle online transactions. Despite some skeptics, the majority of experts agree that blockchain has the potential to disrupt the banking and financial industry, and many other ones! (more…)

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April 12, 2018

The World is Going Cashless & Digital Challenger Bank Revolut Wants to Lead the Way

Cash is king no more. Today’s society is all about mobility and the digitization of all forms of finance. How consumers spend and manage their money has changed dramatically in recent years and that pace of change is accelerating. Revolut is a new breed of banks that has replaced the corner branch with a robust smartphone app that reduces cost while providing superior services. Revolut has grown rapidly, jumping from zero to 1.5 million users in less than three years. A cashless (or at least less cash focused) is near and according to Revolut co-founder and COO Vlad Yatsenko, Revolut is going to lead the way. (more…)

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April 12, 2018


J.P. Morgan Chase Sued For Charging Crypto Buyers With Surprise Fees

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co, a leading global financial services provider and one of the largest banking institutions in the US, was sued for charging undeclared fees to customers who used their credit cards to purchase cryptocurrency, treating the purchases as cash advances, Reuters reported April 11. (more…)

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April 12, 2018


Fidor’s New Partnership Takes Aim at Financial Inclusion

Digital banking services company Fidor has partnered with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to expand digital banking services in Africa and Latin America. (more…)

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April 12, 2018


Monzo introduces overdrafts

By Monzo

Digital challenger bank today launched overdrafts as part of the Monzo current account. This is the latest in a number of recent milestones for the UK bank. (more…)

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April 12, 2018

Alibaba’s Ant Financial is Preparing to Raise $9 Billion in Upcoming Private Funding Round

Chinese fintech and Alibaba-affiliated Ant Financial is preparing to launch a private funding round in order to secure up to $9 billion. According to various reports, the company is increasing the funding target from previous funding rounds that sought up to $5 billion. Ant Financial’s previous fundraising round was announced in April 2016 and secured $4.5 billion from Chinese investors.  (more…)

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April 12, 2018