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Google (and Facebook) are getting almost all digital ad money

By Harriett Taylor for CNBC 

With Alphabet and Facebook crushing analyst estimates in the second quarter — while Twitter delivered a mixed quarter — it is a tale of two cities when it comes to the three biggest independent U.S. tech companies whose businesses rely on ads.

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July 29, 2016

Insurance Companies Have Joined the Ranks of Shadow Banks

When all else fails, lend.

That’s the strategy of some of the biggest U.S. insurers as they seek higher returns in an investment universe where buying bonds sometimes means guaranteed losses. (more…)

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July 29, 2016


Takeaways From the Bank of Japan’s Policy Decision

By WSJ Staff

The Bank of Japan disappointed investors with its limited expansion of monetary stimulus Friday. Here are five takeaways from the central bank’s policy decision.


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July 29, 2016


Monese, the UK banking app for immigrants and expats, finally lands on iOS

By Steve O’Hear for

For all the hype around fintech, not least in London, Monese is a startup that has pragmatism at its heart. It’s not trying to be an actual bank — in the technical, banking license sense — but does enable immigrants and expats, who might otherwise find it hard to open a bank account outside of their home country, to access core banking services. (more…)

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July 29, 2016

From Wall Street to Fintech: Disrupting Traditional VC At Anthemis Group

By Murray Newlands for Forbes

Fintech companies are growing up, the disruption of fintech is still in early stages. The opportunities presented are huge, and the handful of investors who have been at the helm of this disruption since its inception are uniquely positioned to take advantage of what is sure to be one of the financial revolutions of our age. (more…)

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July 29, 2016


1MDB: The inside story of the world’s biggest financial scandal

by  for the Guerdian

How a jailed former banker and a lone British journalist broke a story that shook the world (more…)

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July 29, 2016


Wellington Hedge Fund Manager Who Backed Fintech Unicorns Is Having A Terrible Year

By Nathan Vardi for Forbes

Nicholas Adams has long been one of the most prominent partners at Wellington Management, the Boston-based firm that oversees $943 billion and is known for being the biggest sub-adviser of Vanguard mutual funds. But Adams works in Wellington’s hedge fund business and he is having a very bad year. (more…)

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July 28, 2016


How To Rethink Businesses, Ecosystems And Economies Using Blockchains

By Veena Pureswaran, IBM

My family is currently purchasing a new home. One of the painful parts of acquiring a new home, however, is the trail of paper and documents that need to be exchanged, signed and validated. Between mortgage lenders, insurance companies, and government inspections and tests, the process can be lengthy to legally and safely buy a new home. (more…)

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July 28, 2016


Kookmin Bank and Circle Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Signing such a memorandum of understanding is a big deal for Circle. Kookmin Bank is a member of the South Korean KP Financial Group, and serves over half of Korea’s population

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July 28, 2016


Paidy lands $15M Series B to simplify buying online in Japan

By Jon Russel for

Paidy, a fintech company that makes it easier to buy online in Japan, has closed a $15 million Series B to grow its userbase and invest in new financial products. (more…)

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July 28, 2016

The Rise of #Fintech Asia

By Chris Skinner for his Blog the Finanser

I just spent a weekend in Thailand at the Techsauce Summit.  It was a great conference, and it reminded me of the time I’ve spent in Asia lately.  After the books Digital Bank and ValueWeb were translated into Korean, Chinese and soon to be Japanese, I guess the region is interested in my thinking.  Or maybe it’s more a reflection of the rise of FinTech Asia, the Silicon Dragon. (more…)

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July 28, 2016

Citigroup, HSBC Jettison Customers as Era of Global Empires Ends

By Yalman Onaran for Bloomberg
How does a company lose 69 million customers? Just ask Citigroup Inc. (more…)

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July 28, 2016


Fintech threat! Alipay hit $100b in less than a year with zero branches, DBS took 50 years to get...

Ny Joji Phillips for Dealstreet Asia

July 27, 2016:   It has been more than a year since the man who runs America’s biggest bank had warned that Silicon Valley was coming to eat Wall Street’s lunch. (more…)

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July 28, 2016


Rocket Internet to Develop Banking Services With FinTech Group


BERLIN— FinTech Group AG said Tuesday it would create digital banking services in Europe together with Rocket Internet SE. (more…)

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July 27, 2016


Smartphone crazy Indians to give a 10X boost to digital payment industry in next four years

By Itika Sharma  for Quartz

Digital payments may be new to India, but the industry is set to grow tenfold in the next four years, thanks to the craze for smartphones. (more…)

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July 26, 2016


Can Blockchain Fix Banking?

By Jon Markman for Forbes

A pair of ex-Google employees believe their version of Blockchain can fix banking. That fix is long overdue, since banking is suffering a real crisis at this time. (more…)

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July 26, 2016


Digital payments in India seen touching $500 billion by 2020

A Google-BCG report says digital payments industry in India will grow 10 times to touch $500 billion by 2020 and contribute 15% of GDP


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July 26, 2016

Mark Carney Has Started A Revolution By Embracing Fintech And Blockchain

By Alex Tapscott for Forbes

In the aftermath of Britain’s referendum vote to leave the European Union, Brexit’s loudest advocates scurried from public view and the political establishment descended into a caustic battle for control. Emerging from the melee was Theresa May, who has a reputation for consistency, if little else. But the UK doesn’t need a caretaker in these uncertain and turbulent times. It needs bold and innovative leadership. (more…)

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July 26, 2016


Why trade finance is a good use case for blockchain

By James Eyers for AFR

Trade finance is shaping up as one of the most promising early use cases for blockchain technology.  (more…)

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July 25, 2016

Yahoo-Verizon deal said to be near

by Cristina Alesci and Seth Fiegerman for CCN

Yahoo’s days as an independent company may be nearing an end. (more…)

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July 25, 2016

Online Lending Takes Root in Korea, Spurring Rush for Regulation

By  for Bloomberg

South Korean investors beset by Asia’s third-lowest benchmark yields are embracing peer-to-peer loans that offer average rates of about 9 percent and not a lot of information about where the money winds up. (more…)

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July 25, 2016

Verizon to End Yahoo Survival Fight With $4.8 Billion Deal

By Alex Sherman for Bloomberg

On Monday, Yahoo! Inc.’s years-long fight to survive as a standalone company will draw to a close. (more…)

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July 25, 2016


This Bank’s App Has 25 Million Active Users

By John Maxfield for

Which bank has the most monthly active users of its mobile application? The answer is JPMorgan Chase, followed by Bank of America and Wells Fargo. For these banks, the widespread adoption of mobile banking couldn’t come soon enough. (more…)

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July 25, 2016

Nintendo Slumps By Most Since 1990 on Dashed Pokemon Go Hopes

By Yuji Nakamura for Bloomberg

Nintendo Co. shares plunged by the most since 1990 after the company said late Friday that the financial impact from the worldwide hit Pokemon Go will be limited. (more…)

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July 25, 2016


EY Report : Blockchain Technology to Reach Critical Mass in the next 3 to 5 Years

By E&Y, appeared at BTC News

The Blockchain technology is going to reach critical mass soon, declares Ernst and Young. The leading global consulting firm has recently published a report outlining the significance of blockchain technology in various industry sectors. (more…)

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July 25, 2016


Banks switch from phone menus to robot advice

Few household chores are as infuriating as spending an age on the phone to complain to your bank, recover a lost password or answer some minor financial query. (more…)

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July 25, 2016


Maturing FinTech Startups Find Paths into Established Financial Firms

By Kom Nash For WSJ

NEW YORK — Ten startups gathered on Manhattan’s far west side Wednesday for what now has become a familiar exercise: Demo day at the local FinTech accelerator. At the event, hosted by Startupbootcamp, participants touted products and shared stories about the challenges of getting banks to incorporate new technology. (more…)

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July 23, 2016


Peer-To-Peer Lending In China – 30% Interest, Pays Monthly…

Peer-To-Peer Lending In China by Henry Zhang, CFA – Matthew Asia

While I was on a recent research trip in China, I overheard something in an elevator that was quite worrisome. Two young office workers, who happened to be sharing the same elevator with me, were discussing an investment product that one of them had purchased a few months back. “The product offers30% interest and pays interest monthly,” she told her friend. “I’ve already received several monthly payments. And I think it is trustworthy…” (more…)

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July 23, 2016

Fintech Startup N26 Is Awarded Full German Banking License

N26, a Berlin startup that offers financial services directly to consumers, said Thursday it’s received a German banking license that will let it offer a fuller range of products across Europe. (more…)

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July 23, 2016

A Bank Account That Pays Interest in a New Currency: Mobile Data

By Stefan Nicola for Bloomberg

In a world of near-zero interest rates, phone carrier Telefonica SA is starting a new mobile banking service that skips the cash and rewards loyal customers with a currency it has in abundance: data for smartphones. (more…)

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July 23, 2016