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Bitcoin price jumps 21 percent over 4 days, reaching a 21-month high

By Roman Dillet for

Bitcoin is back! Or at least, there are positive signs indicating that bitcoin might not be as dead as everybody thought. Bitcoins are now trading at $547.40 on Bitfinex (the largest USD/bitcoin exchange according to Bitcoinity). And it represents a big 21.4 percent price jump over just four days. (more…)

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May 31, 2016


Lessons From The Epic Fails Of Well-Funded Startups

In the startup world, failure is a given. Fail fast is the founder’s mantra.Make a mistake, learn from it, move on, say the experts. When startups are well funded—and have a growing number of staff members and stakeholders, it’s not quite so simple. (more…)

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May 30, 2016


French financial prosecutor went dark for a year to investigate on Google France

By Romain Dillet for

Google was caught by surprise. Last week, nearly a hundred employees of France’s equivalent of the IRS (Direction générale des finances) raided Google’s office in Paris for a tax noncompliance investigation. And French financial prosecutor Éliane Houlette told Europe 1 that her team had been secretly working on this raid for nearly a year. Google may be facing a $1.8 billion fine (€1.6 billion). (more…)

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May 30, 2016

Short term lending – A pink Slip

By the Economist
“WHAT rate of interest…can naturally be more proper than another?” asked Jeremy Bentham in “Defence of Usury” in 1787. Anything less than 36%, answer American activists who want to curtail payday lending—pricey, short-term credit typically used as an advance on a pay cheque. (more…)

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May 30, 2016


Ernst & Young to sell $16 million in confiscated Bitcoin at auction in Sydney

By Jessica Sier  for Financial Review

Around $16 million worth of Bitcoin is up for auction in Sydney next month after they were confiscated as proceeds of crime last year.


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May 30, 2016


Snapchat raised $1.8B in a Series F round; leaked deck reveals revenues, user numbers

By Ingrid Lunden and Katie Roof for

Earlier this week, we reported that the messaging app startup Snapchat was raising more money. Now we have more updates for you. (more…)

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May 27, 2016


Singapore’s national university and Microsoft launch program to boost data science

By Michael Tegos for TechinAsia

If data is the “new oil,” data scientists are the refineries that spin all kinds of value out of it. And nowhere in the world is that being embraced more wholeheartedly than in Singapore. (more…)

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May 27, 2016


Santander’s using blockchain right now

By Lynsey Barber for CityAM

Santander is the latest bank to experiment with blockchain technology, applying it to international payments with the promise of making the process quicker. (more…)

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May 27, 2016

Blockchain tech could save cash equities market $6bn a year – Goldman Sachs

By Finextra

The use of blockchain technology for clearing and settlement in the cash equities market could save banks around the world $6 billion a year, mainly through lower headcounts and back office IT costs, according to a Goldman Sachs report. (more…)

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May 27, 2016


Wirecard Singapore and NETS team for terminal payment solution

By Antony Peyton for Banking technology

Wirecard Singapore, part of Wirecard Group, and NETS (Network for Electronic Transfers {Singapore}) have partnered to provide a single terminal payment solution for Singapore government agencies. (more…)

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May 26, 2016


Why Venture Capital is Facing Decentralization

By Tomasz Tunguz for Inc Magazine

Originally published by Tomasz Tunguz on LinkedIn: The Decentralization Of Venture Capital

To thrive, venture capital firms must perform three things well: raise capital from limited partners, source companies to invest in, and pick the best opportunities. Historically, each of these three activities has been highly centralized in a small partnership often perched on Sand Hill Road. But new networks are changing this. The latest called DAO attempts to decentralize all three at once. (more…)

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May 26, 2016


Why This VC Firm Is Ramping Up Investments During Fund Squeeze

By Sneha Banerjee for the Entrepreneur 

At a time when the startup ecosystem is flooded with news regarding funds going dry and markdowns, venture capital firm IDG Ventures India Ltd launched a programme to find and invest in new consumer-facing Internet startups. (more…)

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May 26, 2016


Even the US Postal Service wants to start using blockchain tech

By Ian Karr for

The US Postal Service, or USPS, isn’t known for innovation. In the digital age, the USPS has become known for being inefficient, outdated, and frustrating to deal with. (more…)

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May 26, 2016


Deals: Money transfer company TransferWise raises further $26M at a $1.1B valuation

By Steve O’Hear for

After months of rumours, TransferWise, the London-headquartered money transfer startup and fintech darling, has confirmed that it has raised a further round of funding. (more…)

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May 26, 2016


Venture capital funding is flowing back to fintech startups

By Ian Kar for QZ

In March, funding for fintech startups fell dramatically. In retrospect, it looks like that quarter was more akin to a speed bump than a car crash.  (more…)

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May 26, 2016

Japan Passes Bill to Regulate Bitcoin Exchanges

By Samburaj Das for CCN

The Diet in Japan (the legislature consisting of the Lower and the Upper Houses) has passed a bill today that mandates the regulation of bitcoin and virtual currency exchanges by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan. (more…)

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May 25, 2016


Bangladeshi fintech startup raises $2m from impact-oriented Indian VC

By Osman Husain for TechinAsia

CloudWell, a last-mile payments startup headquartered in Bangladesh’s capital city, Dhaka, announced today that it has secured US$2 million in series A funding from Indian VC Aavishkaar Frontier Fund. Valuation figures were not disclosed. (more…)

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May 25, 2016


I left Silicon Valley to start up in India. Here are my lessons learned the hard way

By  for TechinAsia

I had a cushy job in the US for over a decade. I was working in the Silicon Valley, helping startups as well as Fortune 500 companies roll out products. Having excessive exposure to startup networking events, success stories at conferences, and free booze at VC funded happy hours in Silicon Valley can turn your brain into mush. I was no exception. (more…)

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May 25, 2016


Allianz launches innovation lab in Singapore to work on health and smart city living

By Michael Tegos for techinAsia

Insurance giant Allianz announced today it is opening Asia Lab, a space for digital innovation and advanced analytics in Singapore. (more…)

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May 25, 2016


What Banks and Fintech Need to Ponder Before They Partner

By Bryan Yurkan for American Banker

Some banks and fintech companies are in the early stages of collaboration, but for the partnerships to fully take hold, the companies need to fundamentally understand how they each operate and what they are hoping to achieve. (more…)

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May 25, 2016


Funding for Venture Capital-Backed Fintech Startups Is Poised to Hit a Record in 2016

By Julie Verhage for Bloomberg

Some good news for private companies. (more…)

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May 25, 2016

Commerzbank Selects Infosys to Renew its Investment Banking IT Landscape

By PR Newswire

Infosys and Commerzbank Will Establish a Domain-based Center of Competence (more…)

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May 23, 2016


The mercurial nature of P2P lending

By Mike Lobanov for Techcrunch

The meteoric rise of e-lending platforms attracted a lot of interest among investors and entrepreneurs. Lending Club and OnDeck have already become public companies, and their competitors, such as Funding Circle, SoFi, Prosper, RateSetterZopa, Avant, Kabbage and others continue to develop and increase their loan portfolios. (more…)

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May 23, 2016

Three FinTech Developments That Benefit Borrowers

By Rohit Arora for Forbes

FinTech firms disrupted the small business credit marketplace by developing technology that streamlined the lending process and sped up the loan-making process to 21st century standards. (more…)

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May 23, 2016


All the cool kids are doing Ethereum now

By Jon Evans for

In the beginning the Prophet Satoshi brought us Bitcoin. And the cryptogeeks and libertarians looked upon it, and said lo, we smile upon this, for it is good, and decentralized, and solves the Byzantine Generals Problem. For a time all was well. But then came wailing and gnashing of teeth and wearing of sackcloth. And thencame the Prophet Vitalik, bearing Ethereum; and lo, it was even better. (more…)

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May 23, 2016


Deloitte just trashed the hype around a $180 billion fintech market

By Oscar William Grut for Business Insider

Deloitte just trashed the hype around the online lending industry. (more…)

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May 23, 2016

Fintech revolution in India: Tech-finance collaboration has fired up entrepreneurs

By  for the Financial Express

The growing collaboration between technology and finance has fired the imagination of entrepreneurs to come up with innovative solutions, thereby expanding the scope of India’s tech startups, reports Prabhu Mallikarjunan  (more…)

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May 23, 2016


Southeast Asia financial comparison startup Jirnexu lands $3M to expand to digital banking services

By John Russel for Tech Crunch

Malaysia-based financial comparison startup Saving Plus has closed a $3 million Series A round to move into new digital banking services. The company has also renamed itself Jirnexu. (more…)

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May 23, 2016


The price of Ether, a bitcoin rival, is soaring because of a radical, $150 million experiment

By Joon Ian Wong for QZ

Thousands of people have pumped $150 million into what might be the biggest crowdfunded project in history, something called the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Compare this to the $20 million raised by the project with the most funds on Kickstarter, the Pebble Time smartwatch. The strange thing about this crowdfunding is that the DAO doesn’t produce any concrete products or services–not yet, anyway. (more…)

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May 22, 2016


The DAO of accrue

By the Economist 

A new automated investment fund has attracted stacks of digital money (more…)

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May 22, 2016