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Mastercard Targets Startup Innovation In Canada

Mastercard is collaborating with Startup Canada to promote startup innovation in the country, the firms announced Thursday (Mar. 2). (more…)

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March 3, 2017



Why China’s $60 Billion Alipay is Recruiting Blockchain Engineers, Experts

By The CoinTelegraph

China’s Alibaba, one of the world’s largest e-commerce company valued at $256 bln and its $60 bln financial arm Alipay are recruiting Blockchain experts to actively look into the potential of Blockchain technology.


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March 3, 2017



mVisa to expand to 10 countries

By Finextra

Visa (NYSE:V), announced that mVisa, its QR-based payment service, now live in India, Kenya and Rwanda, will soon be available to merchants and consumers in Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Vietnam. (more…)

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February 28, 2017



Mastercard joins UI Labs City Digital platform

By Finextra

UI LABS and Mastercard today announced a new partnership aimed at improving the access to and use of urban services, such as transportation.  (more…)

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February 24, 2017



Mastercard Partnership Automates AP For UAE Firms

Mastercard struck a deal to help automate the accounts payable process for businesses in the United Arab Emirates, reports said Sunday (Feb. 12). (more…)

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February 14, 2017



Visa bids to strengthen Silicon Valley ties with new Palo Alto site

By Finextra

Stressing its technology credentials, Visa has opened a massive new office in Silicon Valley to house its data and research teams. (more…)

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February 8, 2017



American Express Wants “Full Advantage of Blockchain”, Joins Open-Source Hyperledger Project

By CryptoCoins News

Credit card giant American Express has joined the Linux Foundation-led open-source cross-industry blockchain working group, the Hyperledger Project. (more…)

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January 31, 2017



PayPal Payments Could Eventually Land on Amazon

By Don Resigner for Payments Source

A major new feature could be coming to your Amazon checkout process.

Amazon (AMZN, -0.42%) and PayPal (PYPL, -3.18%) have been in discussions about the possibility of the online retail giant supporting PayPal payments at checkout, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman told Bloomberg in an interview on Thursday. While Schulman didn’t say when—or even if—a deal might happen between the companies, he did tell Bloomberg that the companies are trying to determine how they can “use one another’s assets to the mutual benefit” of their customers. (more…)

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January 27, 2017



Mastercard ‘preying on millions,’ says $17 billion fee lawsuit

A movement by countries around the globe to embrace a cashless future is resulting in plastic payments (think credit and debit cards) to erode cash’s market share. (more…)

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January 20, 2017



Fintech Trending: Blockchain Building Blocks for 2017

By David Penn for Finovate

What blockchain trends from 2016 are worth watching for follow-through in 2017? Here are five blockchain players to keep an eye on as the new year begins.


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January 13, 2017



Malaysia’s CIMB Bank using Mastercard’s tech for digital wallet

By Kate Fitzgerald for Payments Source

Malaysia-based CIMB has launched a digital wallet through an integration with Mastercard’s Digital Enablement Service that supports mobile payments on Android handsets. (more…)

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December 26, 2016



Fed’s debit pressure on Visa a welcome move for competition

By Lyle Beckwith for PaymentsSource

The Federal Reserve and Federal Trade Commission recently proved there is a cop on the beat ensuring that the debit reforms passed by Congress are followed. (more…)

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December 23, 2016



Visa to run fintech bootcamp for African startups

By Finextra

Visa is collaborating with Hong Kong-based VC firm and incubator Nest to run a four-day fintech bootcamp in Nairobi for innovative startups in Africa. (more…)

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December 8, 2016



American Express brings its mobile wallet to Canada

By David Heun for PaymentsSource

American Express has added a new mobile payment service to the growing list of “Pays” available to consumers in Canada. (more…)

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December 6, 2016