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China’s fintech is leaving the rest of the world behind

By  for TechNode

China is emerging as a leading fintech market on a global scale. Half of the global investment in financial technology is happening in Asia, especially China, according to the World Economic Forum. (more…)

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January 23, 2017

Is blockchain necessary?

By Mohan Krishnan for Finextra

There is no dearth of material to tell us what is blockchain, how it is going to transform our lives in the years to come, where it could be applied, etc and the list is endless. That it is the next big thing after all, since the invention of steam engine, the electricity and the internet itself! World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025, 10% of global GDP will be on blockchain technology.


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January 23, 2017

Corporates need a ‘consumer style’ invoice experience

By Prabhat Vira for PaymentsSource

 Any CFO with a smartphone has grown accustomed to the ways in which fintech has removed the friction from their daily lives.


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January 21, 2017



China’s fintech industry shows where the rest of the world is heading

By  for TechInAsia

“We need banking but we don’t need banks anymore,” said Bill Gates two decades ago, predicting the explosion in startups creating web and app-based financial services that we’re seeing right now. With nearly US$11 billion last year invested into so-called fintech startups across Asia, the sector is rivaling online shopping and ride-hailing among the hottest tech arenas. (more…)

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January 21, 2017

Mastercard ‘preying on millions,’ says $17 billion fee lawsuit

A movement by countries around the globe to embrace a cashless future is resulting in plastic payments (think credit and debit cards) to erode cash’s market share. (more…)

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January 20, 2017

Blockchain could save investment banks up to US$12b a year: Accenture

By The Business Times

Blockchain technology could help the world’s largest investment banks cut their infrastructure costs by between US$8 to US$12 billion a year by 2025, according to a report by Accenture. (more…)

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January 18, 2017



Internet-of-Things Poised to Disrupt Banking and Insurance


The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is set to be one of the biggest technological transformations on the horizon, promising to radically change the way we live and how we conduct business. (more…)

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January 18, 2017

Millennials Boost Mobile Payment Use in 2016 – Infographic


A new infographic by Gray Owl Network shows that millennials boosted mobile payment use in 2016: (more…)

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January 16, 2017



Banks face big profit loss to digitisation – McKinsey

By Finextra

European banks stand to lose half their profits from digital disruption trends shaking the banking industry, according to a report from McKinsey. (more…)

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January 16, 2017

The Sources of Increasing Risks for Financial Institutions in 2017

By Elena Mesropyan for LTP

The traditional banking sector has witnessed considerable changes in the market environment, technology trends and customer expectations, leading to the necessity to respond to those changes. Regardless, a year ahead still holds certain risks federal financial institutions will face and develop an appropriate response to. (more…)

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January 15, 2017

Australia: One of the Fastest Growing FinTech Markets and a Gateway to South Asia

By Elena Mesropyan for LTP

The most recent estimates suggest that the Australian FinTech industry generated $180.2 million in 2015. By 2020, the Australian FinTech revenue is projected to grow at a CAGR of 76.3% and exceed $2.92 billion, driven by reduced taxes on investments in startups, a steady increase in mobile payments and the rise of tech-savvy digital natives. (more…)

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January 12, 2017

Here’s what Southeast Asia can learn from India’s tryst with cashlessness

By Adhil Shetty for e27

When we talk about the future of money, we invariably come to discuss the merits and demerits of going cashless. It’s perhaps a science-fiction-like scenario wherein all your transacting needs are taken care of by a few taps on your smartphone. (more…)

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December 27, 2016



Here’s how hot fintech got in Asia in 2016

By  for TechInAsia

2016 was the year fintech became legit in Asia. Startups and entrepreneurs have fought in the financial technology trenches long before 2016. But this was the year everyone from big banks to governments started paying attention. (more…)

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December 27, 2016



Payments 2016: The Year Of Clarity For The Payments Sector


PYMNTS consulted 21 payments executives from across the industry to share their insights on the biggest takeaways from 2016 as part of the “Payments 2016, The Year Of…” eBook. (more…)

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December 26, 2016



Tech, Media & Telecom More Aggressive Blockchain Investors than Financial Services

By Justin OConnell for CryptocoinsNews

When Bitcoin first became popular, much mainstream coverage focused on its illicit uses. Then a revolution in thought led people to understand the less sinister benefits of Bitcoin, and namely its underlying technology, the blockchain. (more…)

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December 25, 2016



Report: FinTech Slow to Take Off in Japan

By Rebecca Campbell for CryptocoinsNews

FinTech is growing in Japan, but, unlike the rest of Asia, it’s doing so at a much slower pace. With the Asian market tapping into the industry, Japan is establishing itself as a late adopter, falling significantly behind. (more…)

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December 23, 2016



European online alternative lending market volumes grew 23% between 2015 and 3Q 2016

By Finextra

TWINO, Europe’s fastest growing peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform, and KPMG today announce the publication of ‘Alternative lending market trends in Continental Europe in 2016’ – a major piece of research on the state of the alternative finance market across the continent. (more…)

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December 23, 2016



The 7 Hottest Fintech Startups and Solutions in Vietnam


Vietnam is a very Internet-connected country, and with the increasing penetration of smartphones there is a wealth of opportunity for online businesses, digital agencies and application developers. (more…)

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December 22, 2016



European Commission Paves Way for FinTech Growth in 2017

By Rebecca Martin for LTP

Last month, the European Commission established a Financial Technology Task Force to “help FinTech innovation reach its full potential in Europe” in 2017. Alongside this, the commission also launched their Start-up and Scale-up Initiative that aims to “give Europe’s many innovative entrepreneurs every opportunity to become world-leading companies.” (more…)

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December 21, 2016



Account takeover is EMV’s ‘silent’ risk

By Chris Pinion for PaymentsSource

I don’t think anyone anticipated the amount of account takeover (ATO) and new account fraud (often referred to as application fraud) that would occur in the wake of the EMV changeover.


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December 17, 2016



63 Companies Shaping Africa’s FinTech Ecosystem

By Elena Mesropyan for LTP

Africa is the largest unserved market that has dropped out of sight of the global financial system. Some estimates suggest that there are ~330 million adult Africans, who lack access to formal financial services, which signifies tremendous opportunities for financial technology companies that are ready to embrace them. (more…)

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December 15, 2016

Latema Street near River Road.


Research Shows Mobile Banking Lifting Hundreds of Thousands from Poverty

By  for Fortune

Kenya’s M-Pesa has helped the poor, and the country’s entire economy, while turning a profit. (more…)

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December 12, 2016



FinTech innovations could add 150 million new Islamic Banking Customers by 2021


According to EY’s Banking in emerging markets report, the assets of global participation banking (also known as Islamic banking) reached US$924b in 2015, with growth rates declining across all regions compared to previous years. (more…)

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December 8, 2016



Cashless India: Seeing the Vision for Financial Inclusion Come True – Part 2

By Dipali Ekbote for LTP

India’s financial ecosystem is undergoing disruptive changes as it extends channels for customer reach. Let us take a look at what are these changes and how they can help achieve India’s financial inclusion goals.


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December 6, 2016



UK Black Friday Growth Predicted to Surpass United States, Reveals Global Online Retail Analysis


Ingenico ePayments global data anticipates a Black Friday rise in UK ecommerce spending, while US shoppers migrate to Cyber Monday (more…)

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November 26, 2016



Which Are the Top 3 Hottest FinTech Hubs Worldwide?

By Elena Mesropyan for LTP

While we have been brushing through the world’s hottest FinTech hubs, we haven’t really looked at them in a comparative manner. Meanwhile, every hub is unique and carries hallmarks of its history of growth and development affected by distinctive forces. Those forces shape unique strengths and weaknesses and determine the course of future development and types of innovations that will be bred in a particular hub. (more…)

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November 26, 2016



Is there really any alternative to a mobile digital engagement strategy?

By Mitch Armstrong for Finextra

Mobile banking apps are used more than 7,610 times per minute according to research by BBA (more…)

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November 22, 2016



Brexit and Trump are letting Germany steal Britain’s fintech crown

By  for Business Insider

Global investment into fintech companies fell in the third quarter of the year, with investors put off by uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the US elections, according to new data from KPMG and CB Insights. (more…)

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November 20, 2016



How the top banking apps stack up against their startup competitors

By  for Business Insider

There was a time when retail banks had their heads in the sand when it came to embracing the mobile phone revolution — but not anymore. (more…)

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November 17, 2016