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Why These Coworking Spaces In Train Stations Let You Pay In “Social Capital”

FAST COMPANY: Is the free coworking space that’s giving 80,000 people desks in vacant areas of schools, hospitals, and train stations the future of work? (more…)

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April 2, 2015



Net-A-Porter Merger Could Create “World’s Biggest Luxury Fashion Store”

FAST COMPANY: Two of the world’s best-known e-commerce sites for luxury clothing and accessories—London-based online fashion retailer Net-a-Porter and Italian e-commerce clothing company Yoox Group SpA—are merging to create a new monolithic e-retailer with an expected annual revenue of more than $1.4 billion. (more…)

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March 31, 2015



Amazon Has Invented Tiny Plastic Buttons That Allow For Instant Product Ordering

THE VERGE: Amazon is rolling out new hardware today called the Dash button that promises to solve these scenarios. It’s a small physical button that you can stick wherever, and press when you want to order more of something. Need more diapers? Hit the diaper button. Need more toilet paper? Just hit the toilet paper button. Find yourself running low on mac and cheese, razor blades, Gatorade, or laundry detergent? There is now a button for each one of those things. The future where you can just be lazy and spend money with a push of a button from Amazon is here, and it’s very real. (more…)

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March 31, 2015




FAST COMPANY: Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh offered his nearly 4,000 employees an ultimatum last week: accept Holacracy or leave. (more…)

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March 30, 2015



Amazon’s new Home Services Section Lets You Order Anything From A Plumber To A Goat Herder

THE NEXT WEB: Amazon may be the go-to place to shop online for physical goods, but it’s not of much use when your sink is clogged and you need a plumber, or want to have your broken iPhone screen fixed. Fret no more, as the company now lets you order a professional to your home with the aptly named ‘Amazon Home Services’, accessible at (more…)

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March 30, 2015

Google's Brin Wears Google Glasses During Fashion Week


Influx of Russian Talent Offers a Boost to U.S. Tech Sector

THE STREET: For those whose job is to look out for the next Sergey Brin, interesting times could be ahead. (more…)

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March 30, 2015



Facebook And Are Building Drones To Bring The Web To Remote Places

THE NEXT WEB: Facebook works with to bring internet access to remote places and today announced that it’s building drones, satellites and lasers in Facebook’s Connectivity Lab to achieve that goal. (more…)

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March 27, 2015



Internal Memo: Zappos is offering severance to employees who aren’t all in with Holacracy

QUARTZ: On March 24, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh shared with employees a companywide memo stating that it would more aggressively pursue self-organization and is offering employees severance to quit, giving them until April 30 to opt in or out. Hsieh tells Quartz that “the offer” is a longstanding Zappos practice that gives employees the “freedom of choice” to align with major changes. (more…)

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March 26, 2015



Amazon’s New Unlimited Cloud Storage Is Absurdly Cheap

WIRED: The steady march towards cheaper cloud storage has just turned into a sprint. Rather than being merely competitive with leaders like Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud, Amazon has decided to undercut their pricing by more than half. In some cases, much, much more. (more…)

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March 26, 2015

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Internet Of Things Accelerator Seamless Opens Doors In Michigan

TECHCRUNCH: The West Coast of Michigan is a haven for industrial designers and is home to the world’s most iconic furniture manufacturers: Steelcase and Herman Miller. That’s because Michigan builds things. Soon there will be a new accelerator that will help young companies do just that. The accelerator program, called Seamless, targets early-stage hardware companies and gives them access to capital and, more importantly, experience in the field. Grand Rapid’s early-stage, venture capital fund Start Garden is behind the program and has enlisted the help of the region’s biggest companies.


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March 26, 2015



What’s up?

THE ECONOMIST: Messenger are arguably the most successful smartphone apps. The ten biggest collectively boast more than 3 billion accounts. WhatsApp, the leader, has 700m. The number of WhatsApp messages sent every day now exceeds the number of standard texts. Last year it handled more than 7 trillion messages, about 1,000 per person. But there is more to messaging apps than messages. At an event that starts today in San Francisco, Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, is expected to say that it will turn another of its apps—called Messenger—into a “platform”. That means others will be able to develop software and content for it (games; hotel bookings; tickets of all sorts). Facebook is following WeChat, the leading messaging service in China, and KakaoTalk, a South Korean messenger, which are already platforms of sorts. But it is also moving into territory occupied by Apple and Google and their respective smartphone operating systems, iOS and Android. Tech veterans may recall the “browser wars” of the late 1990s—the last time a successful programme, Netscape’s Navigator, tried to oust a dominant platform, Microsoft’s Windows. The messenger wars may be just beginning.

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March 25, 2015



Facebook Launches ‘Blueprint’ Training And Certification Program For Brands And Marketers

THE NEXT WEB: Facebook does well when its advertisers do well, so it is today launching new free educational resources for marketers on its platform, both big and small. First up, ‘Blueprint‘ is a new program for training brands on the best practices for advertising and marketing campaigns. (more…)

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March 25, 2015

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Urban Walks — NYC Walking Tours App

Urban Walks: “We paid special attention to the app design and content so that we want to use it ourselves and are not ashamed to recommend it to friends”.

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March 25, 2015

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Infographic guide to Lithuania

See why you should move your  business to Lithuania

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March 25, 2015



25 Ideas Shaping The Future Of Design

FAST COMPANY: Design is always changing, and with tech and design increasingly aligning, we’re arguably headed to the most radical period of change in design history. How radical will the design landscape of 2020 be, then? (more…)

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March 23, 2015



Estonian report considers what makes Lithuania more attractive to foreign investors

INVEST LITHUANIA: Last year, Lithuania attracted 29 foreign companies. In the next three years the country should have about 2,000 additional jobs thanks to these new investors. A recent report by the “Kapital” program, broadcast on Estonian national television, investigated what Lithuania has that Estonia doesn’t. (more…)

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March 23, 2015

Amazon drone


Amazon Can Now Legally Fly Its Experimental Delivery Drones During Daytime

THE NEXT WEB: A big hurdle has been overcome by Amazon today for a future where everything’s delivered by drones; the FAA has granted the company an experimental airworthiness certificate for its delivery drones.


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March 21, 2015

virgin formula e


Virgin Could Take On Tesla With Electric Car

WIRED: Virgin is working on electric cars and could one day take on Tesla, according to company founder Richard Branson. Speaking at a racing event in Miami, Branson said Virgin had “teams of people” working on electric cars but refused to be drawn on specific details. The company’s Virgin Racing team already competes in the all-electric Formula E championship, a high-speed, battery-powered spinoff of Formula 1. Branson has now hinted that Virgin’s involvement could lead to the company selling its own electric cars. (more…)

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March 20, 2015



One of the Baltimore Ravens Just Published an Insanely Complex Study in a Math Journal

BLOOMBERG: John Urschel, an offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens, recently co-authored a paper in the Journal of Computational Mathematics. It is titled “A Cascadic Multigrid Algorithm for Computing the Fiedler Vector of Graph Laplacians” and apparently includes “a cascadic multigrid algorithm for fast computation of the Fiedler vector of a graph Laplacian, namely, the eigenvector corresponding to the second smallest eigenvalue.” I understand close to none of the words in that sentence, which comes from the paper’s abstract. I probably never will. The rest of the study is similarly accessible.  (more…)

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March 20, 2015



Tesla Basically Just Ignited The Driverless Car Era

MASHABLE: Elon Musk offered a classic example of what journalists call “burying the lede.” He had called a press conference on the subject of a Tesla software update designed to eliminate “range anxiety,” or the fear that your electric car will run out of power before it reaches the next charging station on a long road trip. After he’d dispensed with that subject, Musk dropped in a casual addendum: all Teslas will get an over-the-air update this summer, probably around June, allowing them to drive in “Autopilot” mode. (more…)

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March 20, 2015



Banks Are Helping Creative Startups Get Finance-Savvy

WIRED: Following yesterday’s announcement that the UK games industry will receive an £8m boost as part of the latest budget, a group of banks have outlined new plans to improve access to finance for small companies in the creative industries. The British Banking Association, which represents over 200 banks, has partnered with Creative England to put together a “toolkit” in the form of Better Business Finance. The site offers advice on the kinds of funding available and how to apply for it, and is chiefly backed by Santander, Barclays, HSBC, RBS, and Lloyds. Although it has been in operation since 2011, the new partnership sees the notoriously conservative banking industry making a concerted effort to open its coffers to more unorthodox businesses and daring entrepreneurs. (more…)

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March 19, 2015

KPCB  | Photo by Mona T. Brooks


Take It From An Expert: Design Is More Important Than Ever

WIRED: We’ve been saying it for a while and now John Maeda has delivered the data to prove it: Design is more integral to good business than ever before. Maeda himself is further proof of the trend; last year he left his post as president of Rhode Island School of Design to be a design partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. This weekend at SXSW, Maeda presented his inaugural Design in Tech Report, a 39-slide presentation that’s both inspired by Mary Meeker’s widely influential annual Internet Trends reports and a continuation of some of Meeker’s findings. Maeda actually contributed a slide to Meeker’s most recent report titled “R.I.P. Bad User Interfaces.” His presentation is essentially a closer look at why exactly that’s true. (more…)

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March 17, 2015



Mark Zuckerberg’s Year Of Books – Ed Catmull’s ‘Creativity’ Review

FAST COMPANY: Mark Zuckerberg recommends Ed Catmull’s “Creativity, Inc.” (available in the Life.SREDA’s corporate library for its employees)


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March 16, 2015

leeds dock


Google Opening ‘Digital Garage’ To Help Businesses In Leeds

WIRED: Google is opening a pop-up workshop in Leeds in a bid to help local businesses improve their digital skills. The Digital Garage project will see Google give advice on how companies can use the internet to reach more customers and grow faster. The six-month trial in Leeds will open on 30 March and include a digital “tune-up” service for small businesses. Aspiring entrepreneurs are also encouraged to attend events organised by local partners and book one-to-one mentoring sessions on digital business skills.


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March 13, 2015



Funding Boost Aims To Turn Libraries Into Startup Incubators

WIRED: Libraries might conventionally be seen as non-happening places, but a £650,000 funding boost is set to add a further two UK libraries to the ten already taking part in a scheme aiming to disrupt conventional libraries. The Enterprising Libraries grant, which launched in 2013 as a £1.2 million project in partnership with the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), Arts Council England and the British Library, aims to support budding entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. (more…)

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March 13, 2015



WIRED Money 2015 Date Announced

WIRED: It has been announced that WIRED Money Together with BBVA will be back on July 8, 2015. Now in its third year, WIRED Money returns in partnership with global financial services group BBVA. This landmark one-day summit, taking place at The British Museum, will bring together the most exciting forward-thinking innovators and captivating thought leaders in money, banking and finance. (more…)

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March 10, 2015



The Battle Is For The Customer Interface

TECHCRUNCH: Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. Something interesting is happening. (more…)

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March 3, 2015



The CEO Of The Future Is A “Designer-In-Chief”

FAST COMPANY: A trends report from Wolff Olins says CEOs are starting to harnes the good ideas of others rather than cracking a whip.  (more…)

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February 26, 2015

The Hunter Opens New Cool Flagship Store In London

Hunter Boots is making waves again. The Edinburgh, Scotland-based historic icon has opened its first-ever flagship store at 83 Regent Street in London with a celebration featuring a troupe of Singing-In-The-Rain dancers arriving in a red double-decker wearing head-to-toe Hunter Original collection.


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November 20, 2014