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Gibraltar: Does Statement on Initial Coin Offerings Include New Regulatory Framework?

On September 22, 2017, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) issued a Statement on Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).   With the GFSC Statement, Gibraltar joined a growing number of jurisdictions that have provided token sale guidance, including, among others, the United States, Canada,  Singapore,  Hong Kong and China. (more…)

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October 16, 2017


Monetary Authority of Singapore: DLT is a Natural Platform for Collaboration

Ravi Menon, Managing Director of the  Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), spoke about the intrinsic potential of Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) at the Global Blockchain Business Conference last week in India. Singapore is the leading Fintech hub in southeast Asia and is keen to maintain the title. Blockchain is a key element for the future of financial services. (more…)

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October 16, 2017


Malaysian Central Bank Close to Deciding On Digital Currency Regulations

By Lisa Froelings

The Malaysian central bank, Bank Negara Malaysia, has yet to make a decision on how to effectively regulate the use of digital currencies in the country, according to local reports. One of the options being considered by the bank is the possible ban of virtual currencies. (more…)

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October 6, 2017


Berlin Group launches Public Market Consultation on NextGenPSD2 Standard

On 2 October 2017, The Berlin Group will launch a 6-weeks public market consultation on its NextGenPSD2 Access to Accounts (XS2A) Standard that enables Third Party Providers (TPPs) to access bank accounts under the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). (more…)

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September 28, 2017


Monetary Authority of Singapore sets up international advisory panel for cybersecurity


The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced today that it has established a Cyber Security Advisory Panel (CSAP), comprising cyber security thought leaders from around the world. (more…)

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September 21, 2017


Dubai and Malaysia ink fintech cooperation agreement

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) last week entered into an agreement to cooperate in the development of financial technology (FinTech) innovation. (more…)

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September 13, 2017

Estonia Can’t Make Its Own Digital Currency

The news that Estonia was considering its own digital currency has reached the ears of Mario Draghi, the president of the ECB. Draghi was quick to point out that a state currency does not work within the Euro zone. He said:

“No member state can introduce its own currency; the currency of the euro zone is the euro.”


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September 11, 2017


India Keeps Quiet on ICOs So Far, Focuses on Cryptocurrency Misuse

India has not yet responded to China’s sudden ICO ban, with lawmakers continuing to focus on “misuse” of cryptocurrencies in general. (more…)

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September 6, 2017


PSD2 & Open Banking: The perfect marriage of technology and regulation

By Maikki Frisk for Finextra

There’s no doubt that PSD2 is a big deal, but when considered alongside the terrific advances being made in open banking, Maikki Frisk, Executive Director, Mobey Forum, wonders whether the industry truly appreciates the extent of the changes that lie ahead. (more…)

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September 4, 2017


Brief: Singapore lags behind in online payments

The news (extracted from Today):

  • Ninety percent of Singaporeans surveyed by online payments giant PayPal say they prefer to use cash as their primary mode of payment, with only a small percentage using online payments regularly.
  • The preference for cash in Singapore was followed in popularity by other traditional payment methods such as bank transfers or internet banking at 74 percent, with 61 percent saying they prefer credit cards.
  • Despite these preferences, only 43 percent use cash regularly, citing problems such as having insufficient cash on hand and long queues at ATMs.


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August 31, 2017


Singapore to develop common QR code for payments

Singapore is planning to develop a common QR code that will facilitate payments among different schemes, e-wallets and banks. (more…)

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August 30, 2017



Report: Peoples Bank of China Expected to Regulate P2P Lenders, Payment Firms

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) is expected to strengthen the regulation of internet finance firms including peer to peer lenders and payment platforms. (more…)

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August 9, 2017


PSD2: demystifying the beast

By Sundeep Tengur – SAS Institute

The revised EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has been a focal point for the financial services industry over the last couple of years and its adoption is set to revolutionise the payment ecosystem in Europe. (more…)

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August 9, 2017


How Switzerland Reinvented Itself As Cryptocurrency Haven

Switzerland is enticing financial technology companies and startups to its already booming Crypto Valley by stripping down its regulations for services surrounding digital currencies and other financial services. (more…)

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July 6, 2017


UK Finance opens for business

UK Finance, a new mega-trade body representing over 300 firms in the UK, opens for business today, taking on the activities previously carried out by the Asset Based Finance Association, the British Bankers’ Association, the Council of Mortgage Lenders, Financial Fraud Action UK, Payments UK and The UK Cards Association. (more…)

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July 3, 2017

Deutsche Börse Launches Fintech Hub

Deutsche Börse‘s Venture Network is seeking to help German startups by making the financing stage easier for both founders and investors. Their focus is on companies in the pre-IPO phase. This allows Deutsche Börse to support new companies with a true potential for a substantial impact on growth in both Germany and Europe. By focusing on companies in this stage rather than earlier, they can assure that the money invested is more likely to have a significant impact on the German market. (more…)

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June 29, 2017


Cambodia, Soramitsu Planning Distributed Ledger System

Soramitsu Co., the Japanese Blockchain identity company, has indicated that they are partnering with the National Bank of Cambodia to test distributed ledger technology in creating new and innovative payment methodologies. (more…)

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June 26, 2017


PSD2 and Instant Payments to drive a 37% decline in online card volumes

A new study from Ovum, has attempted for the first time to quantify the detrimental effect Instant Payments and PSD2 will have on traditional credit and debit card payments. Instant Payments, PSD2, frictionless payment,e-commerce, (more…)

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June 26, 2017


China’s cloud industry moving to new era with emergence of unicorns

By Anna Lee for Technode

Just a few years ago, billion-level funding would be beyond the imagination of Chinese cloud computing companies. But now it is becoming more and more tangible as the market matures. (more…)

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June 12, 2017


Asian Banks Outline Blockchain Use Cases


Financial institutions are eager to identify the commercial opportunity that blockchain technology can offer their business and ways it can help reduce costs, improve reporting, reduce fraud and enhance security and visibility. (more…)

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June 8, 2017


Monetary Authority of Singapore Posts Consultation on Robo-Advisors

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has published a consultation on the regulation of Robo-Advisors or “Digital Advisory Services.” The consultation will close on July 7, 2017. (more…)

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June 8, 2017


Singapore Tokenizes Their Currency Through Ethereum’s Blockchain

According to a recent article on Trustnodes, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore’s central bank, has successfully digitized their national currency by a creating a token out of the Singapore dollar on Ethereum’s blockchain technology. (more…)

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June 8, 2017


Countdown to PSD2: Finextra surveys financial institutions on readiness and strategies

By Finextra

A new Finextra paper to be released at EBAday 2017 will gauge banks’ progress with PSD2 compliance and their thinking about the opportunities – and challenges – of the imminent regulatory change.

The PSD2 implementation deadline is fast approaching. The next months will be critical for financial institutions in impacted markets as they complete the technological and strategic work required to both achieve compliance with the regulation and to take advantage of the opportunities it creates.

A number of first movers are already putting into action their strategies for a PSD2 world. But is it obvious for the majority of financial institutions how they should respond? Is it clear where the real opportunities of PSD2 lie for banks, and are the technology decisions they need to make – to either achieve PSD2 compliance, or go beyond it to leverage the regulation for business growth -straightforward to negotiate?

Finextra’s latest online survey is designed to generate answers to these questions among others, and you are invited to participate to get priority access to the results.

The survey covers a range of important topics, including:
– Do the majority of banks agree they should do more than simply comply with PSD2?
– How are banks working with their service providers to deliver their PSD2 change programmes?
– Which teams within banks are leading and driving PSD2 projects?
– How far have banks progressed and will they be compliant on time?
– How many financial institutions already have new services in place designed to leverage the potential of PSD2?
– What are the new business models banks are exploring in light of the implementation of PSD2?
– Is PSD2 helping financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation programmes?

The anonymised and aggregated survey results will feed into a report that drills down into the topic of PSD2 readiness and banks’ strategic responses to the new regulation. The report will be launched at the forthcoming EBAday 2017 in Dublin.

Have your say and contribute to this assessment of where financial institutions are on their PSD2 journeys by completing the survey today.


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June 5, 2017


Poland Aspires to Become a Fintech Leader in Europe

Coming off a two-day event in Warsaw, FutureTech Congress organizers are reporting that Poland aspires to become a Fintech hub in Europe. (more…)

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May 29, 2017


Indian Bank Kotak Mahindra Implements Blockchain in Trade Finance


Kotak Mahindra Bank, one of India’s largest private banks, has successfully completed an end-to-end trade finance transaction with a client over a blockchain. (more…)

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May 18, 2017


This Startup Wants to Modernize Public Finance

By Fortune

When the city of Lawrence, Kan. wanted to borrow $650,000 to pay for a new fire truck for its local fire department, it didn’t use traditional banks and bonds to borrow money. Instead it turned to Silicon Valley upstart Neighborly, a two-year old marketplace that connects cities with investors to fund civic projects like schools, parks, and bridges. (more…)

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May 16, 2017


Malaysian securities regulator introduces robo-advisor framework

By Securities Commission Malaysia (SC)

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) today introduced the Digital Investment Management framework, setting out licensing and conduct requirements for the offering of automated discretionary portfolio management services to investors. (more…)

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May 9, 2017


Innovate Finance publishes sandbox consultation report

By Innovate FInance

Findings of the Industry Sandbox Consultation have been published today. (more…)

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May 9, 2017


Fintech, e-commerce, Smart Cities take centerstage in US-Singapore bilateral trade meeting

By Kevin McSpadden for e27

High-level US-Singapore policymakers discussed how to use a 2016 Memorandum of Understanding to help facilitate bilateral trade (more…)

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May 3, 2017