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Miss Kaya Launches Robo-Advisor for Women in Asia


Miss Kaya claims to the first licensed roboadvisor in Singapore (really true?), with Marvelstone Capital as its fund management company. Currently available to high net worth individuals, the plan is to be accessible to retail investors in the near term. (more…)

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January 13, 2017



How Women Won a Leading Role in China’s Venture Capital Industry

By Shai Oster and Selina Wang for Bloomberg

Women launch more than half of all new Internet companies in China.


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September 22, 2016

Ex-LendingClub CEO Laplanche Is Selling $20 Million of Stock

By Jennifer Surane for Bloomberg

Renaud Laplanche, the LendingClub Corp. founder who stepped down as chief executive officer in a May shakeup, is selling stock in the company valued at $20.1 million.

Laplanche disclosed a plan to execute options for 4.63 million shares of the San Francisco-based company in a filing dated June 29. Calls to Laplanche and LendingClub weren’t immediately returned.

Laplanche, 45, resigned as chairman and CEO in May, setting off a slide in LendingClub’s stock. The company, which matches consumers seeking loans with investors willing to fund them, said the exit was prompted by two incidents: Staff had altered application dates on some loans before their sale, and Laplanche failed to disclose his interests in a fund that LendingClub was considering investing in.

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July 9, 2016



John Biggs leaves ‘Best job ever’ to run a fintech company

It’s hard to deny the brain drain to the FinTech industry occurring nowadays. And this is no surprise – the industry has been showing rapid growth recently. The overall investment in the sector reached millions of dollars and financial technology startups inconspicuously turned into red hot investments.


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January 12, 2016

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An Interview With Roberto Ferrari, GM of CheBanca!

The Finanser: The bank, based in Milan Italy has been recognized on many occasions as an innovator from flagship futuristic branches to award-winning banking apps such as WOW! What makes innovation in the Italian markets any different to most markets?  Roberto explains. (more…)

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April 1, 2015



An Interview: Renaud Laplanche, CEO Lending Club

An exclusive interview of Renaud Laplanche, CEO Lending Club, to LendingMemo about  post-IPO, soaring record growth, shifting interest rates, and why the stock fell 13% in a day.


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March 10, 2015