Union Square Venture’s Fred Wilson Calls Out Banks for Ignoring Bitcoin

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures has little doubt about his bets on bitcoin.

In fact, the legendary investor called out the world’s major banks today for eschewing the first digital currency atCB Insight‘s “The Future of Fintech” conference in New York. On a panel interview with Nathaniel Popper of The New York Times, Wilson made it clear that he believes banks are missing the most important opportunity presented by bitcoin as they build private blockchains, locked inside their own servers. (more…)

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June 10, 2016


Bitcoin and the Blockchain Take the Stage for International Summit of Central Banks at the Federal Reserve

By Jessie Willms for the Bitcoin Magazine

When Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin white paper in 2008, little did Bitcoin’s creator know that less than 10 years later, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen would be encouraging central banks around the world to take a closer look at the benefits of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to improve the world’s financial systems. (more…)

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June 10, 2016


by the Economist

BITCOIN is back. Fans (and holders) of the crypto-currency were celebrating after its price jumped more than 20% in the five days to May 31st, to nearly $550—a level it last reached in August 2014. They should contain their elation: the factors driving the rally are not unalloyed positives, and the competition is doing even better (see chart). (more…)

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June 8, 2016


Could Blockchain Have Prevented Bangladesh’s Central Bank Hack?

By John Ditrixhe for Bloomberg

In late April, blockchain evangelist Blythe Masters told a crowd in the London Docklands that banks could solve many of their problems if they embraced the transaction-processing technology.


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June 7, 2016

Central Bankers Told They Should Be Sprinting Toward Blockchain

By Matthew Leising for Bloomberg

Janet Yellen, meet the blockchain. Blockchain, meet Janet Yellen. (more…)

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June 7, 2016

What Is The DAO and Why Is It the Biggest Crowdfunding Project in History?

By LetsTalkPayments

If you haven’t heard yet about the biggest crowdfunding project in the history, hurry up to get to knowDAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization. (more…)

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June 6, 2016


The Future of Banking Is in China


Tech companies use internet payment systems as a wedge into an array of money-management services


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June 5, 2016

Blockchain Could Disrupt Global Securities Value Chain: Morgan Stanley

By Value Walk

With the securities industry experimenting with blockchain across the post-trade market, Morgan Stanley analysts anticipate that blockchain presents a threat / opportunity to the $77 billion post-trade market. Daniel P. Toohey and team point out in their June 2 research piece titled “Global Insight: Blockchain- Is ASX set to shape a brave new world?” that within the equities value chain, central securities depositories (CSDs) seem best placed to drive innovation as they maintain a record of ownership. (more…)

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June 5, 2016

Core of banking could be destroyed by blockchain, says Barclays’ former boss


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June 5, 2016


Sir Richard Branson Hosts Blockchain Summit This Weekend

By Shin Laura for Forbes

The What IS. Arguably at The MOST exclusive blockchain Industry Conference, at The blockchain of Summit , Sponsored by at The BitFury Group and MaiTai, Ltd. Free Join , KICKS OFF the ITS SECOND Annual Event the this catalog on Saturday ON Long-Time Innovator, Futurist and Entrepreneur Sir Richard a Branson ‘S Necker Island in at The Caribbean. (more…)

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June 5, 2016


Mediachain enivisions a blockchain-based tool for identifying artists’ work across the internet

By Jonathan Shieber for

On the internet, where “aggregation” is often the highest form of flattery, not everyone appreciates the compliment. (more…)

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June 2, 2016


Humans are the biggest problem with this $150 million virtual-company experiment

By Ian Karr for

Of course, the biggest problem behind a revolutionary new investment fund dictated by computer code could well be human nature. (more…)

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May 31, 2016


Bitcoin price jumps 21 percent over 4 days, reaching a 21-month high

By Roman Dillet for

Bitcoin is back! Or at least, there are positive signs indicating that bitcoin might not be as dead as everybody thought. Bitcoins are now trading at $547.40 on Bitfinex (the largest USD/bitcoin exchange according to Bitcoinity). And it represents a big 21.4 percent price jump over just four days. (more…)

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May 31, 2016


Ernst & Young to sell $16 million in confiscated Bitcoin at auction in Sydney

By Jessica Sier  for Financial Review

Around $16 million worth of Bitcoin is up for auction in Sydney next month after they were confiscated as proceeds of crime last year.


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May 30, 2016


IBM: Government and Blockchain Sector Should Work Together to Enhance National Security

By Giulio Prisco for Bitcoinmagazine

IBM Vice President for Blockchain Technologies Jerry Cuomo recently testified before the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity on how the blockchain can benefit transactions, eWeek reports. (more…)

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May 27, 2016


Santander’s using blockchain right now

By Lynsey Barber for CityAM

Santander is the latest bank to experiment with blockchain technology, applying it to international payments with the promise of making the process quicker. (more…)

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May 27, 2016

Blockchain tech could save cash equities market $6bn a year – Goldman Sachs

By Finextra

The use of blockchain technology for clearing and settlement in the cash equities market could save banks around the world $6 billion a year, mainly through lower headcounts and back office IT costs, according to a Goldman Sachs report. (more…)

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May 27, 2016


Even the US Postal Service wants to start using blockchain tech

By Ian Karr for

The US Postal Service, or USPS, isn’t known for innovation. In the digital age, the USPS has become known for being inefficient, outdated, and frustrating to deal with. (more…)

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May 26, 2016

Japan Passes Bill to Regulate Bitcoin Exchanges

By Samburaj Das for CCN

The Diet in Japan (the legislature consisting of the Lower and the Upper Houses) has passed a bill today that mandates the regulation of bitcoin and virtual currency exchanges by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan. (more…)

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May 25, 2016


Apple hires crypto-wizard Jon Callas to beef up security

By Lain Thomson for the Register

Apple has added a security star to its firmament with the hire of Jon Callas to its security team. (more…)

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May 25, 2016


Ethereum, explained: why Bitcoin’s stranger cousin is now worth $1 billion

By Timothy Lee for VOX

Bitcoin has struggled to live up to the hype that surrounded its emergence into the mainstream three years ago. (more…)

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May 25, 2016


All the cool kids are doing Ethereum now

By Jon Evans for

In the beginning the Prophet Satoshi brought us Bitcoin. And the cryptogeeks and libertarians looked upon it, and said lo, we smile upon this, for it is good, and decentralized, and solves the Byzantine Generals Problem. For a time all was well. But then came wailing and gnashing of teeth and wearing of sackcloth. And thencame the Prophet Vitalik, bearing Ethereum; and lo, it was even better. (more…)

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May 23, 2016


The price of Ether, a bitcoin rival, is soaring because of a radical, $150 million experiment

By Joon Ian Wong for QZ

Thousands of people have pumped $150 million into what might be the biggest crowdfunded project in history, something called the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Compare this to the $20 million raised by the project with the most funds on Kickstarter, the Pebble Time smartwatch. The strange thing about this crowdfunding is that the DAO doesn’t produce any concrete products or services–not yet, anyway. (more…)

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May 22, 2016


The DAO of accrue

By the Economist 

A new automated investment fund has attracted stacks of digital money (more…)

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May 22, 2016


Vitalik Buterin will be in Singapore on 2nd-3rd of June

22 y.o. Russian Canadian (ex hacker and now) famous digital-entrepreneur Vitalik Buterin aka “Digital Lenin” will be in Singapore on 2nd and 3rd of June. Here you can find everything you should know about him, Etherium, The DAO and “smart contracts” – this post is based on materials by Forbes, Wired, FastCompany, TechCrunch, BitcoinMagazine and the Economist.


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May 22, 2016


Better with bitcoin

Blockchain technology could improve the reliability of medical trials


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May 20, 2016

Blockchain Developments Show How Quickly Financial Services Could Be Transformed

By Laura Shin for Forbes

In 2015, as financial institutions woke up to the possibility for blockchain technology, which powers Bitcoin, to improve their processes, a horse race began for incumbents to take advantage of the technology before the Bitcoin network gobbles up too much of their business. Throwing both money and human capital at building their own private blockchains, they seem keen to avoid the fate suffered by newspapers, video stores and record stores at the hands of the Internet. (more…)

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May 19, 2016


Blockchain startups make up 20% of largest crowdfunding projects

By Alex Sunnarborg for the Venture Beat

The list of top crowdfunding campaigns is becoming increasingly blockchain dominated as of late. (more…)

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May 17, 2016


CurrentC seems to be pretty much dead

By Jacob Kastrenakes for the Verge

CurrentC, the retailer-backed mobile payments app that was supposed to take down Apple Pay, is being delayed, and its creator is laying off 30 employees. It’s not clear if this is the end for CurrentC, but it seems very possible. (more…)

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May 17, 2016


How Blockchain Technology Can Reinvent The Power Grid

By  for the Fortune

The Internet of Things is challenging regulated utilities. (more…)

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May 17, 2016