Boom, bubble or bust for fintech?

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The term “fintech” has become all the rage; investors and media can’t stop talking about it. Many people also have been talking about the “bubble” in the tech industry, but could there be a “bubble” in fintech, as well? (more…)

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June 16, 2016


Barclays launches platform for fintech start-ups

By Nupur Anand for Business Standard,

This comes at a time when both bank and non-financial players looking at this space actively (more…)

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June 16, 2016


Chinese borrowers told to post nude photos as collateral

By Lucy Hornby for Financial Times

Debt recovery tactics grow more aggressive as economy slows and loans sour


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June 16, 2016


German fintech company builder FinLeap raises €21M at €121M valuation

By Steve O’Hear for TechCrunch

Berlin-based FinLeap, which is a German-style company builder specialising in fintech, has raised €21 million in new funding. Backing is said to come from original investor HitFox Group along with institutional investors from the insurance industry, including Hannover Re, the third largest worldwide reinsurer. (more…)

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June 14, 2016


Challenger banks will take “years” to make money

By Lynsey Barber for CityAM

Ambitious digital challenger banks hoping to topple the big high street players will take “years” to make money according to one of the founders of an mobile bank with ambitions to do just that. (more…)

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June 8, 2016


Stop Saying Big Companies Can’t Innovate

By Vijay Govindarajan for Harvard Business review

Some business pundits today believe innovation ignites better in startups than in large, established corporations. They believe big companies are weighed down by their own success, too invested in the past to create and execute new ideas. They say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I disagree. (more…)

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June 7, 2016


The rise of APIs

By ,  for Tech Crunch

It’s been almost five years since we heard that “software is eating the world.” The number of SaaS applications has exploded and there is a rising wave of software innovation in the area of APIs that provide critical connective tissue and increasingly important functionality. (more…)

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June 6, 2016


The Future of Banking Is in China


Tech companies use internet payment systems as a wedge into an array of money-management services


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June 5, 2016

FinTech: Picking Up Momentum

By John Mason for Seeking Alpha


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June 2, 2016


PayPal Isn’t a Bank, But It May Be the New Face of Banking


By some measures, PayPal Holdings Inc. holds more customer money than all but 20 U.S. banks. What does that say about the future of banking? (more…)

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June 2, 2016


Five Highlights From Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends Report

By Cathleen Chaykowski for Forbes

At 213 slides, Mary Meeker’s anticipated annual “Internet Trends” report was a gold mine of data on everything from debt-to-GDP ratios by country to U.S. Internet advertising growth. (more…)

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June 2, 2016


J.P. Morgan’s CIO on the Bank’s Security Game Plan

By Emily Glazer for WSJ

Dana Deasy discusses the bank’s strategy since the 2014 breach, as well as working with fintech partners


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May 31, 2016


What Is a Bank? A series exploring the existential crisis facing banks in 2016

The question is so simple it seems silly: What is a bank? (more…)

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May 31, 2016


Allianz launches innovation lab in Singapore to work on health and smart city living

By Michael Tegos for techinAsia

Insurance giant Allianz announced today it is opening Asia Lab, a space for digital innovation and advanced analytics in Singapore. (more…)

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May 25, 2016


What Banks and Fintech Need to Ponder Before They Partner

By Bryan Yurkan for American Banker

Some banks and fintech companies are in the early stages of collaboration, but for the partnerships to fully take hold, the companies need to fundamentally understand how they each operate and what they are hoping to achieve. (more…)

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May 25, 2016


GoFundMe hits 25m donors and $2b raised on its giving platform

By Haje Jan Kamps for Techcrunch

GoFundMe seems to be everywhere these days; my social media feeds are never too many posts away from a campaign from the company raising funding for a cause or a goal. (more…)

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May 23, 2016


OCBC claims to be first Singaporean bank to use voice recognition for transactions

By Judith Balea for TechinAsia

OCBC Bank has been busy launching a string of firsts to ride the fintech boom. It just announced it has deployed voice recognition solutions to make it easier for customers to access different services. (more…)

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May 20, 2016

The ‘To-Die-For Customer Experience’ Starts with Tech

By Penny Crosman for Maerican Banker

For Manolo Sanchez, the chief executive of BBVA Compass, the future is about sharing technology and the basics of banking with fintech partners, and getting help from them in turn, without relinquishing customer relationships. (more…)

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May 18, 2016

Uber and a Bay Area landlord will pay new tenants $100 a month to go car-free

By Andrew J. Hawkins for the Verge

A first-of-its-kind partnership (more…)

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May 18, 2016

Bank of Japan Official: Central Banks Need to Watch Blockchain

By Stan Higgins for Coindesk

A deputy governor of Japan’s central bank has said that central banks worldwide need to pay close attention to developments surrounding digital currencies and blockchain technology. (more…)

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May 15, 2016


Why Britain is beating the U.S. at financial innovation

By Jeff Lynn for

Legislation allowing ordinary American investors to invest in the shares of startups and small businesses was first introduced in the U.S. Congress in 2011. Despite bipartisan support and the approval of President Obama, it is only now becoming a reality. (more…)

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May 15, 2016

Mobile Payments: A Hype Waiting To Happen

By Zohar Steinberg for the Forbes

Back in 2010, I had an idea for a mobile payments startup. It was clear to me and others that mobile payments were the next big thing, and that in a few years we’d all leave our wallets at home and instead pay with our phones. (more…)

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May 13, 2016

Banks close more than 600 branches over the past year

More than 600 bank branches have closed across Britain over the past year, with rural areas worst affected, according to figures obtained by the BBC. (more…)

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May 13, 2016


Digital challenger bank Tandem smashes crowdfunding target in minutes

By Lynsey Barber for CityAM

Another digital challenger bank has smashed its crowdfunding target within minutes as investors continue to clamour for an opportunity in fintech – and it hasn’t even launched yet. (more…)

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May 12, 2016


Fintech doesn’t just disrupt banks, it makes them platforms

By Josh Constine for

It’s easy to move your money between banks. What’s annoying is moving your apps. (more…)

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May 6, 2016

Are Bank-Blockchain Partnerships Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

By Tanaya Macheel for American Banker

With so much interest in blockchain applications for financial services, there seem to be a lot of announcements of proof-of-concept trials at banks, but few finished products. (more…)

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May 6, 2016


In China, Traditional Banks Fight Challenge From Internet Firms

By Saibal Dasgupta for Voa News

China’s online finance companies, including Alibaba and Tencent, are competing fiercely with China’s traditional banks, which are adapting to the new marketplace. (more…)

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May 5, 2016


Deals: Remittance startup Azimo raises $15M from Viber owner, e-commerce giant Rakuten

By Ingrid Lunden for

Azimo was once in talks to be acquired by WhatsApp and Messenger owner Facebook. And while may not have gone anywhere, today it is announcing funding from another big tech company in possession of a major messaging app. (more…)

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May 5, 2016


Is the Tech Bubble Popping? Ping Pong Offers an Answer

By Zusha Elinson fo WSJ Venture Capital

Twitter’s gloomy quarterly report last week unsettled investors. They might have anticipated trouble more than a year ago had they noticed one key indicator. (more…)

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May 4, 2016

Who’s Afraid of Robo-Advisers?

By Nir Kaissar for Bloomberg

The Massachusetts Securities Division recently fired a shot heard around the robo-adviser world when it declared that the online financial advisers may not be up to snuff as fiduciaries for investors. (more…)

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May 4, 2016