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The Rise of Blockchain & Mobile Gaming

The popularity of mobile gaming, including mobile casino gambling, has risen exponentially over the past few years with the evolution of blockchain. In fact, 2017 and 2018 saw the popularity of mobile gaming surpass that of pc or console gaming. While this may come as somewhat of a surprise for most gamers, the reasons for this actually make a lot of sense. To understand why mobile gaming has overtaken any other form of online or digital gaming of late, we have to begin with the device itself.

Mobile devices are generally divided into two main consumer categories, the smartphone (or mobile phone), and the tablet. Before Apple brought out their iPhone smartphone, most mobile games were pretty basic and consisted of either WAP-enabled (Wireless Application Protocol) or Java-based games. While both are still in use today, the quality of the mobile games pre-2010 were quite basic, with very basic graphics and limited scope in what players could do in them.

Smartphones and Smarter Gaming

When Apple introduced their brand new smartphone to an eager mobile phone market in 2007, they effectively changed how consumers would come to think of their mobile phones. Up until that point, most mobile phone users were content with merely sending short text messages (SMS) to friends and family, organizing their day, and playing the occasional WAP downloaded game (including blackjack and a few basic slots).

However, Apple’s new smartphone technology (followed a year later with Google’s first Android smartphone, the HTC Dream), would come to redefine how users engaged with their devices on a daily basis. Naturally one of the main areas that were heavily affected by the new smartphone technology, was mobile gaming. Smartphone technology introduced new computing and touchscreen capabilities to developers that were only too eager to take the ball and run with it. Within a few short years mobile gaming technology was able to go head to head with both pc-based gaming and console gaming, in terms of graphics quality, processing speed, game size, game type and more.

Mobile Gaming Technology Breaths New Life into the Online Casino Industry

The online casino industry was born shortly after the World Wide Web became a commercially viable platform, with the first new slots sites launching in the mid-nineties. As soon as people began to realize that they could actually play real casino games, for real money online instead of having to find a brick and mortar casino, the industry exploded. Online casino gaming continued to expand rapidly, with hundreds of online sites that opened over the following decade and a half. However, after 2010, growth within the online casino industry stagnated.

The smartphone revolution, led by Steve Jobs and Apple had a number of knock-on effects, one of which was to revitalize the flagging digital casino industry. It did not take long for casino operators to see the potential in the mobile gaming market for their casino games and developers began to tailor standard casino games to suit the smaller mobile device systems. Flash-forward to 2018 and mobile casino game downloads and plays far outnumber those of conventional desktop-based access.

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