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5 Creepy Things People Used to Do at Casinos for Good Luck

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Casinos thrive because their games are based on random outcomes. Among the hosted collection of games, you can sample at RagingBull Casino, 90% are games of chance. Besides blackjack, many other casino classics require a tinge of good luck for the outcome to go the player’s way. Players have come up with bizarre rituals to try and woo luck their way. Some of these work like a charm, but most of them flop from the onset. Regardless, it is the confidence that these rituals instill in the gambler that is awe-inspiring.

In Tanzania, history recalls a tale of the fearless Maji Maji tribe who faced a battalion of armed German soldiers with carved sticks and spears. Going back to the origin of their brevity, the leader of the tribe had given the African army a mixture of water and mud and told them that it would protect them from any harm during the war. Imbued with overwhelming confidence, the African military marched to the battlegrounds ready to face the heavily armed Germans with a false sense of immortality. Of course, the result was a bloodbath, but the army held the Germans off long enough for the entire civilian tribe to evacuate. The bravery of the fallen soldiers is what is remembered until this day.

For those who believe in the bizarre, superstitions and good luck charms will always take place in their everyday lives. This write-up will feature some of the creepy things that gamblers have done in the name of good luck.

1.  The Navel Luck of the Chinese

Chinese gamblers believe people with a concave belly button have better luck than those with a bulging navel. It is uncanny of Chinese punters to encourage people with inward facing belly buttons to take a higher risk when placing a wager. They believe that prosperity comes from the navel. However, it is a concerning thought to think that 90% of people on the planet have concave belly buttons. According to the Asian superstitions, the remaining 10% have no luck.

2.  Mutilated Animal Parts

In many cultures, luck is associated with certain animals. Having such an animal with you as you place your bets will significantly increase your chances of winning the bet. For instance, among the Chinese, keeping a rabbit’s foot with you wafts prosperity towards your way. In South Africa, gamblers will smoke the brains of a vulture before an impending gamble. They believe that this will give them foresight and the power to see into the future.

3.  Color Red

Anyone who has visited a Chinese casino will most probably have noted the dominance of the color red. The Asians believe that red is the color of luck. While it is in abundance in local Chinese casinos, other extra-territorial casinos do not subscribe to similar aspersions. Therefore, Chinese gamblers will bring with them an article of red clothing in every punt. Since this belief is susceptible to ridicule, the Chinese choose to hide the red in the undergarments. You will find many people with red underwear that you would begin to ask yourself whether there was a memo circulating that you were not aware of.

Hands Down the Pants

Dealers and Casino staff have many stories that will quite literally blow your mind away. One particular story was that of a man who was taking his chances at the penny slots in a casino. Every time the reels spun, he would put his hands down his pants and fondle his junk regardless of other guests. He would then refuse any food or drink offered to him while the reels were spinning. When asked what he was doing, he quickly chirped that it was his good luck charm. Surprisingly, the man racked up quite a win from the instances of junk fondling.

Chanting and Incantation

It is typical of any ritual, spell, tomfoolery, or witchcraft to chant a certain phrase repeatedly. Casinos are not spared from this mischief. Local Indians who visit casinos come with full paraphernalia to charm lady luck out of her nook. Some will set up camp outside the casino premises and start howling at the moon, or blowing ritualistic smoke around the casino premises while they sing folk songs. All this is done in the company of other three or so persons who aid the prospective gambler in fulfilling his ritualistic obligations before partaking in the gamble.

Garden Variety Creeps

There are everyday things the regular gamblers do when the wheel is spinning, or when the dealer is turning his cards. Such are the likes of:

  • Crossing fingers
  • Crossing legs
  • Biting the tongue
  • Asking a female fan to blow on dice
  • Fiddling with keys, and
  • Using nutmeg.

Other tactics are done way before the player leaves their house. For instance, in some cultures, it is believed that if you leave all your lights on when going to a gamble, luck will follow you. The next time you find headlamps on a car left alight, do not be quick to alert the owner, as this may ward off their good luck.

Final Remarks

Superstition and gambling are intimately intertwined. Players will always want to woo lady luck to bring them bountiful rewards from their gambling efforts. While this only serves to relieve nervousness, it hardly ever has a sound effect on the game. So while gambling, it is wiser to rely on logic rather than the bizarre and stick with the normal behavior.

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