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Crypterium vs Cryptov8: How two of the most promising crypto payment solutions stack up

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The growing user base for digital currencies has given a new lease of life to the crypto payment solutions.

Several factors disrupt the adaptability of digital currencies, but the main reason hindering real-time use would be moderate transaction speeds.

Crypto Payment solutions are hoping to fill this void by providing blockchain based solutions that allow instant payment between customers and retailers and further bridge the gap between digital and fiat currency.

Leading this resurgence are two of the most promising crypto payment solutions till date, Crypterium and CryptoV8 are making waves in the coin industry.

Let’s take a look at what they offer:


CryptoV8 is a revolutionary blockchain based banking system aiming to be the one stop solution for crypto and non-crypto transactions. CryptoV8 is not just merely a crypto payment solution; it is a full-fledged digital retail bank providing loans, savings accounts, mortgages and many more.

CryptoV8 can hold digital and fiat currencies in its universal wallet. Users can select which currency to use for exchanges.

With CryptoV8 Simplicity is brought to the forefront of P2P interactions. Instant transfers require just an E-mail ID or a phone number. Globally accepted debit cards also aim to make crypto transactions mainstream.

With it being an authorized and regulated bank, volatility of transactions is limited. CrpytoV8 is also trying to integrate exchanges into its app ecosystem to provide users to exchange digital currency.

Currently, in pre-ICO, CryptoV8 foray as a full-service digital bank is expected to be completed in Q1 2020.


Supported by latest blockchain tech, Crypterium aims to bring Crypto Payments to the masses.

Crypterium is an app based solution allowing users to pay with digital assets anywhere in the world. It aims to replace the use of fiat currency in day to day transactions.

Through its app, virtual cards can be accessed, and through them, users can easily do online shopping. The integrated exchange ensures maximum spend value for your coins.

Crypterium app is said to provide the fastest crypto transactions in the world. This is brought to being with the use of an integrated network which can handle a million operations per second.

Crypterium does not take the help of the old wallet address. Instead, all you need to transfer money is the phone number of the recipient. The recipient does not require a digital wallet to receive the payment.

With the token sale ending in January, Crypterium is in the currently working to integrate fast crypto transactions followed by the unification of an NFC payment system.

Head to Head

While both products aim to bring crypto to the masses, let’s look at their fundamental differences and how they stack up:

  1. CryptoV8 is more of a comprehensive solution offering its users the ability to transact in crypto and fiat currency. It will be a fully-fledged bank once all the regulatory bodies approve of its workings.

Crypterium is a blockchain based payments solution helping customers to make day to day transaction with cryptocurrency. It relies on its mobile app to help users transfer coins instantly to anyone in the world by just using their phone numbers.

  1. Several sub-assets each serving different objectives compliment CryptoV8 coin ecosystem; these involve helping customers to start crypto investments and even get rewarded for participating in crypto transactions. The CRV8 token by CryptoV8 will give users access to its extensive product range.

Crypterium’s CRPT coin is an Ethereum based token which is primarily used for transaction payments when a user makes crypto to fiat payments.

  1. The CryptoV8 platform provides a physical debit card to transact with merchant’s worldwide both offline and online.

Crypterium offers virtual debit cards beneficial for online payments and transfers. Additionally, it supports an NFC terminal so that services like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay can be used for transactions.

  1. CrpytoV8 users can choose between traditional cash and cryptocurrency when paying merchants or other users.

Crypterium wallet is used to store digital currencies, and it converts crypto to fiat when a transaction is to be made.

  1. Above all, CryptoV8 also tries to integrate crypto exchanges so that users can easily trade and exchange and store several coins at once.


While Crypterium offers blazing fast transactions and NFC and QR code integration to help users make easy day to day payment’s, CryptoV8 is focusing on a different realm.

While Crypterium leads with industry-leading transfer speeds, CryptoV8 pegs back this advantage by offering a complete list of usable products, and it’s no slouch either when it comes to transfers. CryptoV8 can hold and transfer crypto and non-crypto currencies.

Thus, if you are looking for a payment platform and nothing else Crypterium is the way to go, for everything else there is CryptoV8, it can fundamentally replace your bank account once it’s entirely up and running.


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