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SUBAJ to Launch a Rewards Platform, Bring Cryptocurrency to the Mainstream

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SUBAJ Global Network, the world’s largest and one of the most promising crypto-based loyalty programs is here to revolutionize and innovate user shopping experiences. Providing a decentralized marketplace for companies, businesses, retailers and merchants, SUBAJ helps companies boost their revenues using customer-engagement techniques through state-of-the-art technologies, keeping Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Social Gamification and GeoDrop Technology at the core of its architecture.

SUBAJ allows market participants such as companies, merchants, and local store owners to create a crypto-token (called business tokens) of their own that is backed by SUBAJ tokens. Such business tokens are used as loyalty tokens for rewarding customers to shop on the platform. With SUBAJ Tokens (SBJ) at the core of the platform, every user has the opportunity to convert their existing reward tokens in the form of business tokens into SBJ tokens through the SUBAJ Exchange Platform. Accessible through a single platform, every user eventually converts their business token holdings into SBJ tokens that are universally accepted across all the network channels for redemption.

Unlike the traditional loyalty points that have several spending limitations and most importantly come with an expiry date, SUBAJ tokens or as such any other business tokens have no expiry date and thus, users can hold on to their SBJ crypto-holdings for as long as they like. Moreover, with SUBAJ tokens, to be listed on partner exchanges, with active trading, the value of coin constantly keeps on changing across the globe and with millions of customers rewarded in cryptocurrencies/business tokens that are eventually converted into SUBAJ tokens, the demand for SBJ coin will keep rising on a continual basis, holding a significant potential to rise in value. Members holding their SBJ tokens can also participate in trading activities in the partner exchanges and benefit from the value appreciation with an opportunity to sell their existing holdings and encash their reward tokens into Fiat Currency.

While SUBAJ has its infrastructure ready for launch and with most of the apps being in the beta testing phase, the SUBAJ token sale is presently live and in the Pre-ICO Sale phase after which the Public Sale of SBJ tokens will be initiated in two different phases. Investors from across the globe are invited to participate and invest in this state-of-the-art technology that holds the potential to become one of the world’s largest and most promising loyalty program. Once the token sale has ended, the SUBAJ team will prepare for its coin development phase and prepare for listing of SBJ tokens on partner exchanges by the end of Nov. ’18. Further in Dec. ’18, SUBAJ is expected to complete the testing and will formally launch its SUBAJ Exchange Platform and Wallet App and invite users to join the revolutionary rewards system.

By H2 2019, SUBAJ is expected to complete the development of its marketplace and establish its presence across the globe inviting companies and merchants to join the platform for marketing perspectives and developing such mutually benefitting platform. Within a month of its official launch of its marketplace, SUBAJ will integrate its GeoDrop Technology and other features within the system and allow companies and merchants to create their business tokens, formally completing the developmental phase of the rewards network after which the focus of the team will shift on towards the strengthening of its platform and building relationships for further advancement of its loyalty program.

Adebayo Surakatu, Founder and CEO, SUBAJ Global Network said “The traditional loyalty platforms are severely flawed and extremely complicated for individuals to benefit from such a system. Moreover, in absence of a highly flexible loyalty program, and given the popularity of cryptocurrencies, I strongly believe that SUBAJ will see a dominant position and lead the loyalty programs, creating a mutually benefitting platform for both merchants and customers.” Adding further about creating customer awareness, Surakatu expressed “Consumers are always in search of a rewards system that provides them with complete flexibility and generates value while creating a unique shopping experience. With a cryptocurrency backed loyalty program, individuals while adequately getting rewarded will additionally get an opportunity to explore the cryptocurrency universe and understand the benefits that such advanced digital technology have to offer.”

For merchants and businesses that host their loyalty programs on SUBAJ platform will have multiple benefits which not only adds value to their business but also allows them on branding and marketing aspects by creating their own business tokens and offering them as rewards to their customers. Capitalizing on the blockchain technology, the SUBAJ platform will know no boundary limitations and will be seamlessly accessible to every user across the globe.

With the flexibility and value-creation that SUBAJ platform has to offer, the customers will have complete freedom as to how and when to spend their loyalty rewards thus setting entirely different standards within an already established loyalty rewards industry.

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