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Bingo and Casino: Most Common Payment Methods

There are so many payment methods in use these days, with users gravitating to ones that offer additional security. Within the world of iGaming, there are some methods that are proving much more popular than others.


This staple in the payments sector is unsurprisingly one that has made a big splash in the iGaming industry. Understandably, these users want more security and to be able to pay more conveniently. With a certain stigma around the gambling industry, it makes sense that they want to add another layer of security.

This has led to the rise of sites that suggest sites that accept this payment method, such as These ensure that players seeking this payment method will be covered with any of the sites they recommend. This can be a major deciding factor for players, as they will be able to use this payment method without delay.

As more and more of us choose to play on the move, this is also becoming more prominent. This is easy to use on the go, with one touch payments even possible using your fingerprints. When you’re on mobile, you don’t want to have to type out all of your card details, so this is a good solution.


Although this is a much more in depth payment method to use, it is picking up popularity in the casino sector. Blockchain in general is becoming more popular for casinos, as some have created their own form of the coin, like Casino Coin. This is bringing this payment method more into the mainstream, boosting its popularity further.

The big selling point of this currency is the anonymity that goes along with it. This allows users to enjoy casino and bingo games without leaving much of a trail. This kind of security and secrecy is actually very popular for users, for a variety of different reasons.

There’s most definitely a learning curve associated with using this payment method, though there are perks as well. This means it can be worth it for a user to set up a wallet and figure out how to use it.

Phone Bill Payments

Along the same lines of convenience, phone bill payments make a massive difference to users. There’s no need to provide any sort of payment details, as the payment is placed on top of the usual payment the user makes to their carrier. There are a fair few different limits to using this service, such as low deposit limits, but this can actually be helpful to those that prefer to limit their spend.

They also have to use another method to withdraw, but this comes later down the line. It’s clear to see that this is proving popular with players, as more sites are beginning to accept it. There are a few different services for phone bill payments, as players seem to enjoy having more to choose from.

While you may not realise it, the iGaming sector is a rapidly evolving industry when it comes to payment methods. There may be many more of these payment methods stepping to the fore in the future.





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