December, 2017


Looking for signs the Bitcoin panic is over

A remarkable 2017 for Bitcoin turned into stomach-churning terror for investors just before the holiday weekend when the cryptocurrency had its worst week of trading in four years. (more…)

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December 26, 2017


Waves establishes presence in Amsterdam

Waves begins its global expansion with a permanent presence in Amsterdam as well as Moscow, thanks to its strategic partnership with Primalbase. (more…)

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December 26, 2017


4 AI Use Cases in Fintech in 2018 according to PwC and Gartner

By Ishtiaque Hossain, Author of Wallowing in Dhaka. Ishtiaque Hossain is a writer from Dhaka, Bangladesh; currently working in the Malaysian FinTech industry.
Twitter Handle: @followishti
According to Gartner, by the end of 2020, 20% of citizens in developed nations will use AI for everyday operational tasks and a whopping 85% of CIOs (Chief Information Officers) will be piloting AI programs for their organizations through buy, build and outsourcing efforts. By the end of 2018, use of AI is predicted to be widespread through commonly used applications like cloud office suites.


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December 26, 2017


P2Binvestor CEO Krista Morgan on Marketplace Lending: What to Expect in 2018

P2Binvestor CEO Krista Morgan founded P2Binvestor in 2012 with a mission to help growing businesses succeed. Morgan is not only CEO of a fast growing Fintech, she is also the cohost of the podcast “Women Who Startup Radio”, an ardent mentor to other women entrepreneurs who speaks regularly on business finance, fundraising, and scaling a startup. (more…)

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December 26, 2017


Peer to Peer Robo-Lending Platform InvestUp Sizes Up Cryptocurrency Investing

FCA authorised crowdfunding aggregation platform InvestUp may be going crypto. The UK based Fintech has so far focused on the peer to peer lending space but management is currently looking at adding algorithm driven cryptocurrency investing. (more…)

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December 26, 2017


Open Banking: What Will Next Christmas Bring?

Last Christmas I had two permanent bulges in my trouser pockets thanks to my ever present wallet and mobile phone. I bought presents with my traditional bank account card using online and contactless services and I used the ATM to withdraw cash to go to the Christmas parties I attended.  (more…)

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December 26, 2017


Report: Goldman Sachs to open cryptocurrency trading desk

By Bryan Clark for The Next Web

Goldman Sachs is jumping into cryptocurrency with both feet. According to sources familiar with the matter, Goldman aims to have a new cryptocurrency trading desk up and running by the end of June, if not earlier. (more…)

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December 22, 2017


Japanese and Korean banks to test RippleNet for cross-border funds transfers

Japanese and Korean banks are to run pilot trials of real-time cross-border funds transfers over the Ripple network. (more…)

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December 22, 2017


Savings app Chip raises £1.1 million on Crowdcube

Chatbot savings app Chip has crashed through the £1 million barrier in a crowdfunded effort to raise funds to apply for a banking licence. (more…)

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December 22, 2017


North Korea Accused of Hacking South Korean Bitcoin Exchange Youbit

Earlier this week, major South Korean Bitcoin exchange Youbit suffered a large-scale security breach that led to the theft of one fifth of user funds. (more…)

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December 22, 2017


Ant Financial, Didi, and Xiaomi named top 3 Chinese unicorns, says Hurun Report

The Hurun Research Institute released today the Hurun Greater China Unicorn Index 2017, where Ant Financial, Didi Chuxing, and Xiaomi top the chart. The report listed out 120 best unicorns in the Greater China region that are valued over $1 billion as of the end of November 2017. (more…)

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December 22, 2017


Exclusive: Telegram to Release Blockchain Platform, Native Cryptocurrency

By David Dinkins

The popular encrypted messaging app Telegram will launch its own Blockchain platform and cryptocurrency, according to sources familiar with the matter. The new platform will be dubbed either “The Open Network” or “Telegram Open Network” (TON) and is supposed to be based on an improved version of Blockchain technology. (more…)

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December 22, 2017


Our blockchain future: 3 takeaways from TechCrunch Shanghai 2017

By John Artman for TechNode

When I first read Ray Kurzweil’s The Age of Spiritual Machines (I actually had no idea what it was the time, but was on a “spiritual” kick when I found it), I suddenly realized that much of what I had read by William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and other science fiction authors could actually come to pass. Kurzweil’s book made me realize that much of what I had been reading since middle school was actively being worked on: Science fiction was quickly becoming science fact. (more…)

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December 22, 2017


Ripple Ramps Up Focus On Blockchain Infrastructure

Blockchain technology firm Ripple is ramping up its focus on distributed ledger infrastructure at a time the company said many are more concerned with bitcoin. (more…)

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December 22, 2017


MAS cautions against investments in cryptocurrencies

By Mas

The Monetary Authority of Singapore advises the public to act with extreme caution and understand the significant risks they take on if they choose to invest in cryptocurrencies (more…)

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December 20, 2017


eToro to Build Blockchain-Based Social Trading Products in Partnership with CoinDash

by David Penn for Finovate

With bitcoin futures hitting the market this week, we should have guessed that the social trading innovators at eToro would find a way of further leveraging their unique approach to trading to the burgeoning bitcoin market. And so we were pleasantly not surprised to learn that eToro has partnered with cryptocurrencyportfolio management specialist, CoinDash, to develop a suite of blockchain-based products for social trading. (more…)

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December 20, 2017


First Government Blockchain Implementation For Russia

By William Suberg for CoinTelegraph

Russia has officially completed its first government-level Blockchain implementation. The state-run bank Sberbank announced today that it is partnering with Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) to implement document transfer and storage via Blockchain. (more…)

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December 20, 2017


Azimo Brings Faster Money Transfers to Nigeria

By Julie Munh for Finovate

International remittance service Azimo has sped up money transfers in Nigeria. Just shy of a year after launching its service in the African country, the U.K.-based company announced last week it has enhanced that service. (more…)

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December 20, 2017


Crypto Finance applies for Swiss banking licence

Virtual currency investment firm Crypto Finance has closed a EUR13 million capital raise to fund an application for a Swiss banking licence. (more…)

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December 20, 2017


Barclays begins preparations for Open Banking

With just a month to go until the arrival of Open Banking in the UK, Barclays has moved to take advantage with the publication of a primer for consumers on what the new rules mean. (more…)

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December 20, 2017


Insurtech Lemonade Raises $120 Million in Round led by SoftBank

Prominent Insurtech firm Lemonade is having a pleasant Holiday season following the announcement they have raised $120 million to fuel platform growth. The funding round was led by SoftBank, a group that has been highly active in the Fintech sector. Valuation was rumored to be over $500 million. Lemonade last raised funding a year ago with a $34 million Series B led by General Catalyst and included the participation of GV (aka Google Ventures), Tusk Ventures and Thrive Capital. (more…)

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December 20, 2017


Mobike lands investment from Line to grow its bike-sharing service in Japan

By Jon Russel

Dock-less bike rental company Mobike is teaming up with messaging app firm Line to boost its presence in Japan. (more…)

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December 20, 2017


PayPal backs pan-European savings deposit marketplace Raisin

By Steve O’Hear for TechCrunch

Raisin, the savings deposit marketplace that lets you shop for a better interest rate across Europe, has picked up backing from PayPal. Described as a “strategic investment,” the new funding round remains undisclosed. (more…)

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December 20, 2017


ICO toxic culture: How Tony Hsieh can help ICO-investors with DueDil

Vladislav Solodkiy, managing partner at Life.SREDA, Singapore-based fintech VC, and author of The First Fintech Bank’s Arrival book.

To my great embarrassment, I read “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh (CEO and ex-owner of Zappos, which was sold for $1,2B to Amazon) only at the beginning of 2013, although it was published in 2010. Filled with its very special “chemistry” and energy, the book describes a journey of this entrepreneur from its very beginning. Basically, the book is about corporate culture and values that unite employees. It illustrates that meeting not only functional needs, but also intellectual, spiritual and aesthetic needs of customers is more important than the chase for money. Money comes as the result of this approach. In June of 2013 my team and I visited Tony Hsieh at Zappos’ headquarters. Later some of our portfolio companies also visited Zappos. (more…)

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December 19, 2017


Most Popular Cryptocurrency Trading Exchanges

Cryptocurrency is the word of the minute; and it either excites, confuses or scares you. If 2018 has proved anything, it is that the market can be volatile – but the growth is undeniable. We will continue to hear more about cryptocurrencies and trading exchanges, and how they seamlessly integrate with the lives of modern individuals. So if you have invested in virtual currency and looking for a range of trading pairs, here’s a round up of some of the most popular trading exchanges in the market. (more…)

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December 19, 2017



By Freddie McMahon – DF2020 Ltd

At this early stage of the chatbot evolution, it is difficult to determine the current state of being able to value chatbot firms. Valuation of new innovations is often influenced on future potential.   (more…)


December 18, 2017


Indonesian ride-hailing app Go-Jek buys three fintech startups

Go-Jek, Indonesia’s answer to Uber, has acquired three fintech startups as it bids to establish itself as a major digital payments player. (more…)

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December 18, 2017


Singapore’s 10 best-funded startups this year

Southeast Asia’s tech firms saw a record US$8.6 billion in disclosed funding in 2017, obliterating last year’s US$2.6 billion, according to the Tech in Asia Database. The region defied slowdowns in China and India’s tech industry. (more…)

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December 18, 2017


Standard Chartered to partner Ant Financial

By Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered Bank (“SCB”), a leading international banking group with a strong presence in Asia, Africa and Middle East, and Ant Financial Services Group (“Ant Financial”), one of the world’s leading digital financial services providers, today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). (more…)


December 18, 2017