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Top 11 Reasons Why Fintech StartUps in South East Asia Fail


You have an incredible fintech balance marketable strategy. You gather your group and make your start-up. Here are ten regular missteps you ought to keep away from on the off chance that you need to have an opportunity to experience one more day in South East Asia.

1.Not contemplating about appropriate licensing

You think you are a tech organization. You think you are just building programming. However, in the event that you are concentrating on a business-to-customer demonstrate, odds are you may require some sort of permit and that’s the reason why most of the fintech start-up fails.

In any event you may need to converse with your nearby controller. Numerous start-ups has stumbled up by overlooking that the money related administrations industry is intensely managed — in some cases maddeningly along these lines, at times which is all well and good, here and there both. Ensure you comprehend the administrative laws and permitting prerequisites. Try not to be bashful, ask a law office represented as a considerable authority in administrative work.

2. Neglecting consistence as a bothersome disturbance:

This may really be your capital punishment on the off chance that you don’t go along, on the off chance that you can’t demonstrate that you expect to go along. In the event that you are late procuring a consistence officer and additionally are late to build up a consistence decide book that you tolerate and work by, you may wind up dead meat.

Be brilliant, acknowledge consistence as your companion — this incorporates anything that needs to do with AML/KYC (Anti-IRS evasion/know your client) standards.

3. Not picking a VC with balance tech encounter:

In the event that there is one industry where encounter matters, profound experience, granular experience… it is the money related administrations industry.

VCs with a comprehension of the space are precious. Disregard them at your hazard. There is an utter need of experienced mentors required to contribute their expertise in the start-up or else the fintech start-up will fail.

4. Imagining that IP is effortlessly faultless:

There are two lessons significant here. In the event that you have concocted some innovation you believe is solid, odds are a) a finserv officeholder as of now has something comparable in its licensed innovation portfolio and b) your tech can be changed effortlessly by anybody without much exertion.

I wager this remains constant for different enterprises. In fintech it holds particularly genuine and on the off chance that you construct your plan of action with respect to your IP alone, then you will keep running into inconvenience.


5. Suspecting that the general laws of growing a startup apply consistently in fintech:

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Off-base. Cash is a bizarre idea. People think about their cash and in the meantime they are not as drew in with it as they are with their informal communities, companions, or the energetic causes they think about. As such, on the off chance that you think the laws of development hacking, of scaling a business apply in the very same route in any given tech industry as they do in balance tech and finserv… reconsider.

Comprehend mental practices around cash, credit, reserve funds, instalments, both at retail and institutional levels, and you will be in an ideal situation. Most new businesses that don’t concentrate these mindful practices nearly wind up being astounded by how gradually they pick up footing either on the grounds that growing a retail client base is significantly more costly than they initially suspected, or offering to finserv officeholders is taking any longer than they suspected.

6. Instalments are simple — a false positive to fintech start-up:

Instalments are the simplest of money related administrations areas to enter. It is the most hard to prevail in. Numerous new companies confuse simplicity of passageway for simplicity of progress, and subsequently numerous new businesses fall flat. Consider that it is so hard to offer to clients in any industry. You may need to offer numerous partners: clients (retail or corporate), vendors, processors, banks, systems. Better be ready and ensure that your fintech start-up does not fail

7. Suspecting that contending on cost will win the day:

Numerous new companies think of strategies for success that give money related administration or items at a less expensive cost with the use of better innovation. Instalments new businesses and robo-counselors are prime cases of such hubris. On the off chance that you neglect to comprehend that officeholders have gigantic scale focal points you will be wiped out when said occupants at last move without hesitation and race you to the base while undermining you on cost. Be savvy; locate a genuine differentiator, one other than simply cost empowered by “better” innovation and don’t let your fintech start-up fail.

8. Neglecting legitimate perspectives:

Certain money related administrations divisions are ultra-specific with regards to the legitimate world. Consider securities law in capital markets. Consider laws securing borrowers. Consider security laws when connected to individual information.

I could concoct numerous more illustrations that can conceivably trip up your organization. Ensure you cover lawful viewpoints as well when building up your strategy for success. Neglecting legitimate perspectives is the core reason why fintech start-ups fail

9. Not focusig on business cycles:

Whether the economy is extending or contracting will affect your business. We should take the case of option loaning stages. On the off chance that the administration group of an option loaning stage has constructed its plan of action off of low financing costs and related suspicions in regards to default rates… said administration group will be in for a severe shock when loan costs begin to rise.

Building a plan of action in balance tech off, where one is in the present business cycle is foolish. Consider credit downturns, consider loan fee cycles, consider financial approach and begin situation arranging.

10. Not giving proper attention to funding:

You have chosen to raise cash from a bank or an insurance agency. Monetary administrations officeholders are directed substances. They require, they should, they need to comply with tight standards. In the event that you are raising cash from a budgetary administrations occupant, get your work done, inquire as to whether administrative endorsement is required and arrange likewise.

Preceding shutting a venture from a officeholder, solicit what sort from reporting they will require, what kind of administration, and what sort of continuous data they will require. They work under various guidelines. Know about the social contrasts and adjust how you connect with your future shareholder.

11. Never ignore content marketing:

Be that as it may, there are solid reasons why advertising and especially content promoting bodes well for fintech new companies. As creative as your thought may be, your story should be told well. Furthermore, promoting today is significantly more confused that it was even five years prior.

New businesses require an appropriate procedure as much as anyone else. Every dollar put resources into substance showcasing has a triple give back

a) market approval/basic early input

b) genuine leads

c) potential accomplices/representatives.

You require clients quick and substance showcasing can help you secure them at a rate sufficiently quick for you to have the capacity to scale. Just in light of the fact that as a start-up you have a little spending plan does not mean you can do nothing with substance advertising.

Begin with what you have and what you know, be it composing an organization blog or noting inquiries on Quora. Setting up a solid brand is the best venture a start-up can make. Content showcasing makes your image and manufacture thought authority. Ignoring content marketing is one of main reason why most of the start-ups fails as they spend all the money on inefficient old fashioned marketing methods.


Get your work done. Concentrate the space. Look for master guidance from law offices that spend significant time in money related administrations law, administrative work, and consistence. Look for and enlist specific colleagues early. Gain from these experts and incorporate their recommendation in your strategy for success, your item or administration offering, from the beginning. Particularly, fintech arranging is not quite the same as standard business arranging.

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