April, 2016

Someone got Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch

If you’re willing to wait an hour for it to boot up, you can enjoy the ludicrous pleasures of running Windows 95 on an Apple Watch.


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April 30, 2016



What the Internet of Things Means for Car Companies

By Chris Neiger

In the Internet of Things (IoT), formerly unconnected devices are wirelessly linked to the Internet so that they can report and collect data or automate systems. (more…)

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April 30, 2016



The Uberization of Banking

In this city’s crowded financial district you’ll find a Wells Fargo Bank branch with an antique stagecoach inside. (more…)

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April 30, 2016

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Why Fintech Is Different In Asia

By Falguni Desai for Forbes

The global fintech sector startup sector has received investments totaling $19 billion in 2015. According to CB Insights and a fintech report published by Citi, this is a tenfold increase from five years ago.  (more…)

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April 30, 2016



IBM raises its blockchain game with secure cloud services and Docker integration

By Ingrid Lunden for Techcrunch

Bitcoin may still be the most famous application of blockchain technology, but the distributed, encrypted database architecture is now being applied to a range of other services, from different kinds of (non Bitcoin) financial transactions to anything else that requires secure tracking. (more…)

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April 30, 2016



Deloitte Uses Facebook to Build Warranties on Bitcoin Blockchain

ByMichael del Castillion for Coindesk

Deloitte has used Facebook’s recently released Messenger API to build an early version of a product capable of storing warranties on a blockchain and allowing users to buy insurance for items even after they’ve been purchased. (more…)

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April 30, 2016



Tall poppy syndrome and the Canadian opportunity

By Gideon Hayden for

There’s an epidemic in Canada. (more…)

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April 29, 2016



Winners of the DIAmond Awards Announced: The InsurTechs With the Most Strategic Impact for the Insurance Industry


The recently concluded DIA Barcelona 2016 saw the DIAmond Awards being awarded to InsurTechs with the most strategic impact. Here are the six companies that were awarded: (more…)

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April 29, 2016



Start-up bank Tandem is raising $1.4M by crowdfunding

By Arjun Kharpal for CNBC

British “challenger” bank Tandem is to kick off a £1 million ($1.46 million) crowdfunding drive in a bid to get more people involved in the start-up’s upcoming launch and attract customers. (more…)

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April 29, 2016



Even in the promised land of digital money, cash will stay king for a long while yet

By Guillaume Lepecq for Quartz

If you talk to tech companies, telecom companies, and even some NGOs, they will tell you that the future of money in Africa is based on technology. (more…)

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April 28, 2016



Western Union, Foxconn’s and Prudential’s Venture Arms Back Blockchain Firm Digital Currency Group

By Laura Shin for

The world of financial services — from companies to institutional and individual investors — continues to embrace digital currency and distributed ledger technology, and at a rapid pace. (more…)

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April 28, 2016



Singapore Teams With Banks to Launch Venture Debt Fund

Singapore’s government has tied with local banks to launch a S$500 million fund ($371.9 million) to finance local high-growth startups, seeking to address the growth concerns of small local enterprises. (more…)

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April 28, 2016

Deals: Big-Data Startup Levyx Raises $5.4M

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April 28, 2016



Menlo Ventures Raises $250M Fund


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April 28, 2016



Elon Musk Supports His Business Empire With Unusual Financial Moves

Since October 2014, SolarCity Corp. has tried to lure individual investors to the solar-power business by pitching $214 million of what it calls “solar bonds” through the company’s website. (more…)

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April 28, 2016



Habito is another London startup aiming for a slice of U.K.’s lucrative mortgage market

By Steve O’Hear for

A little over two months since Trussle made headlines for picking up £1.1 million in funding from LocalGlobe, the new VC fund from father and son duo Robin and Saul Klein, and another London startup has launched to take aim at the U.K.’s multi-billion pound mortgage market. (more…)

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April 28, 2016



Line is getting dangerously dependent on users in its 4 top countries

By Steven Millward for TechinAsia

Messaging app Line, which has been struggling to grow for years, now has 218.4 million monthly active users (MAUs), the company said today. That’s up from 205 million 12 months before, and from 215 million at the end of 2015. (more…)

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April 28, 2016



PayPal beats the street on Q1 sales of $2.54B and EPS of $0.37

by Ingrid Lunden for techcrunch

Payments giant PayPal posted strong Q1 earnings today, counter balancing some of the weaker showings from other tech stocks yesterday and outstripping the overall growth rate of e-commerce, in its own words. (more…)

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April 27, 2016



SumUp and Payleven merge as European ‘Square clones’ consolidate

By Ingrid Lunden for

Some consolidation afoot in the world of mobile payments: today Groupon- and BBVA-backed SumUp and Rocket Internet’s Payleven — two of the several European startups that cropped up in the wake of Square with their own smartphone accessories to make debit and credit card transactions — have announced that they are merging, creating a business with 1 million customers in 15 countries. (more…)

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April 27, 2016



Alibaba advances: How China is using fintech to take control of global trade

By Ian Allison for International Business Times

The global fintech ecosystem has been presented like the board game Risk, with banks, fintech startups, traditional IT providers and GAFA companies (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), distributed at each corner slowly advancing. As apt as the Risk analogy is, it tends to miss out the most important geopolitical force on the board: China.


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April 27, 2016



25 Genuises Who are Creating the Future of Business


SOON, SOFTWARE WILL know how you feel—and will use that data to sell you things. The gig economy will go global (but it’s not Uber-take-all). (more…)

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April 27, 2016





Deals: PayPal Leads $30M Investment in Robo Adviser Acorns

By Telis Demos for WSJ Venture Capital


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April 27, 2016



Deals: Indian digital payments company TranServ gets $15M to launch new financial products

By  for

TranServ, one of several companies digitizing payments in India, said today that it has secured a Series C of $15 million to develop new financial products. (more…)

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April 27, 2016



Lending Startups Hone Their Focus

By Telis Demos for WSJ Venture Capital

Silicon Valley once threw money at startups that aimed to disrupt broad swaths of finance. Now it is rewarding those that have sharpened their focus. (more…)

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April 27, 2016



The Road to a Round B Gets Harder

By Russ Garland for WSJ Venture Capital

With U.S. venture capital investment slowing down, companies at all stages of development could face trouble raising fresh capital. (more…)

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April 27, 2016



DBS Bank Takes Stake in the ‘Siri for Banking,’ Kasisto

The Development Bank of Singapore Ltd. has taken a minority stake in Kasisto, a personal assistant that helps customers with their banking. (more…)

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April 27, 2016



Deals: Analytics Platform SparkCognition Raises $6M Series B

Company: SparkCognition

Amount invested: $6 million (more…)

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April 27, 2016



China’s Venture-Capital Slowdown Is Less Obvious

By Scott Martin for WSJ Venture Capital

China’s wealthy are seeking places to park capital in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of cash for mainland China’s venture-backed companies. (more…)

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April 27, 2016



With $25.5M in new funding, Trov launches on-demand insurance for individual items

By Jordan Crook for

Insurance isn’t necessarily an inviting word, especially for millennials. Not only do young people have fewer items to insure, but the process of getting insurance for those items is entirely foreign to folks who order their cars, food, cleaning services and more from an iPhone app. (more…)

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April 26, 2016