9 Things to look for when picking a coworking space

If you have decided to join the co-working ‘revolution’, here is a checklist of all the questions to think about before you zero in on the right co-working space: (more…)

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August 13, 2018


Graeme Holm’s Infinity Group Australia Helps People Reduce Debt And Create Wealth

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Financial institutions know how to make money especially when it comes to lending money to buy big-ticket items. Most institutions don’t lend money unless they feel they will get the money back with enough interest to keep their company moving in the right direction. The mortgage market in Australia doesn’t do much to help people get the advice, services, and financial guidance they need to make competent decisions when they buy a home. Once a mortgage deal is in motion, it’s up to the homeowner to make payments on time regardless of the challenges they face on a daily basis. (more…)

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August 10, 2018

Easy Steps Every Mac User Can Take To Clean His Mac

We all hate slow running computers, especially if it is a Mac, as you have paid a premium price for the lightning speed these computers are famous for. When your Mac becomes tired and slow, how can you fix it without paying again for an expert help? Let’s have a look at some of the quick tips to optimize the performance of your Mac. (more…)

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August 7, 2018


Starting with Bitcoin – The Ultimate Guide

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You are likely aware of the buzz surrounding the cryptocurrency industry if you keep up with fintech news. While there are many crypto assets worth focusing on and learning about, one is undoubtedly the most popular, and it is Bitcoin. It has been around for nearly a decade, has the highest total market capitalization, and is easily the most well-known amongst the public owing to its skyrocketing BTC to USD value. (more…)

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July 31, 2018


How to Start Investing With Small Amounts of Money

By Digvijay

Before you start something new, taking the first step is always the most difficult, liking riding a bike for the first time or catching a plane on your own for the first time. It is pretty much the same with investments. Like everything else, you are probably going to struggle initially and you may not be able to figure out what to do that easily. Under such circumstances, it is quite likely that you may take the help of your family or friends. However, to set yourself on the right track to achieve your investment goals even with a small amount, you will have to take some fundamental steps. (more…)

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July 30, 2018


Blockchain Technology Will Change How We Conduct Business

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Blockchain technology was started a number of years ago now and has positively impacted how we conduct business. It was initially meant to formulate the Bitcoin cryptocurrency but has since been an influence in several sectors. The production sector is one that was overshadowed with different challenges especially when it comes to operational readiness. (more…)

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July 28, 2018


Blockchain technology affecting every aspect of our lives

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Most people are now aware of cryptocurrency and the crypto-markets are continuing to grow at an astounding rate, but many are still aware of how the underlying technology blockchain works and how it is affecting our lives on a daily basis.



July 27, 2018


UOB taps Personetics to gain deeper customer insights

United Overseas Bank has invested in Israel-based AI firm Personetics and plans to deploy its cognitive analytic tools to help customers make smarter banking decisions. (more…)

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July 20, 2018

Xero selects Gusto as US payroll partner

By Xero,

Xero (ASX:XRO) today announced that Gusto will be the preferred payroll provider for its small business and accountant customers in the U.S. (more…)

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July 20, 2018

Early Stage VCs — Be Careful Out There

By Brad Feld, Originally published at Feld Thoughts.

In addition to our own funds, we are investors in a number of other early-stage VC funds as part of our Foundry Group Next strategy. Yesterday, in one of the quarterly updates that we get, I saw the following paragraph.


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July 20, 2018


HSBC Global Head of Digital Says the Bank Is ‘Cautiously Looking’ at Crypto Investment

By Ana Alexandre for Cointelegraph,

Global Head of Digital at HSBC, Josh Bottomley, said that the bank is “cautiously looking” at cryptocurrency use cases, Forbes reported July 19. (more…)

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July 20, 2018


Fintech Company TrueLayer Raises $7.5M in Funding

TrueLayer, a London, UK-based Open Banking market, financial API platform, raised $7.5m in funding. (more…)

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July 20, 2018

tZero Extends Security Token Offering Until August 6th

By JD Alios for Crowdfundinsider,

Zero, a subsidiary of Overstock (NASDAQ:OSTK) has extended its ongoing security token offering for individual investors until August 6, 2018. The announcement was shared in an email signed by tZero CEO Saum Noursalehi. (more…)

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July 20, 2018

Insurance Technology Sector Overview — Q1 2018

By Venture Scanner,

The insurance technology sector has seen an abundance of activity over the past few years. As we previously analyzed, insurtech funding has shown early signs of maturation and its exit events have seen robust growth.

We will now do a deeper dive of the different components of insurance technology and how they make up this startup ecosystem. We have classified the companies into 14 categories. This blog post will illustrate what these categories are and which categories have the most companies. We will also look at how these categories compare with one another in terms of their funding and maturity.

Insurance Marketplace Is the Largest Insurance Technology Category

Let’s start off by looking at the Sector Map for the insurance technology sector. As of March 2018, we have classified 1503 insurance technology startups into 14 categories that have raised $22 billion. The Sector Map highlights the number of companies in each category. It also shows a random sampling of companies in each category.


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July 18, 2018


MAS to ramp up measures to fight money laundering, terrorism financing

By Annabeth Leow for Business Times

REGULATORS in Singapore are looking to ramp up targeted measures against financial crime, including tapping data analytics and boosting information sharing with financial institutions, said an official from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) on Wednesday morning. (more…)

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July 18, 2018